My One Year Of Blogging Experience, How I Build Blogging Doctor?

Sharing True overview of my blogging experience and analysis of failures and achievements.


Noone achieves perfection on the first day of blogging, being the most difficult task, blogging requires a technical and sharp mind to return a great results. therefore i’m sharing my blogging experience with you so you can understand how I gain success on Blogging Doctor.

I started actual blogging on july 10th, 2016 because it was my birthday and I wanted to start my blog on a special day.

A short story behind my blogging

So why i started a blog? this is an obvious question because noone bothers to waste their time on a project which does not provide a garentee of advantages and benefits.

I didn’t knew much about the SEO, WordPress Affiliate marketing and anything regarding to professional blogging.

Though i’m blogging since 2012 and i started my first blog on blogger which is a free service of Google, but i always blog for my passion, money was not my aim, but 2016 was an eye opening year for me.

I face number of failures, disappointments and hard times in many aspects of life and it was enough to make me realise about the importance of financial securety.

In 2016, i got a government job but despite of having a reasonable grade, salary and respect, i didn’t felt satisfied, i was looking for another parttime business.

Stock Exchange always remained an atractive field for me, but before i went for opening an account in pakistan stock exchange, i decided to register a blog.

Because in 2016, i spent a lot of time on wordpress for designing a professional website of an organization so i learnt wordpress enough.

i thought that i can share my wordpress experiences with my audience so others can learn from my wordpress experiences.

When i browse some topics about wordpress on google i realise that there is already a lot of people blogging about wordpress.

Then i learnt SEO, Affiliate marketing and professional blogging tricks by reading some basics on other’s blogs.

This is how i started my first professional blog in july 2016.

How I face blog failure

As i have already told you that i had only basic knowledge about seo and blogging, so i was not aware about niche blogging, that’s why i decided to start a blog with random topics.

I register my domain and started blogging about different topics.

Since technology was my ultimate hobby so i wrote most of my articles about blogging on SoftBeginners.

On the other hand, i Shared some information about history, current affairs and politics as well.

This is the only reason that i didn’t get organic traffic on my first blog.

Google was unable to categorise my website properly because at the very beginning stage i blog on multiple topics.

Finally i realise that my blog is getting down on google and my seo rankings dropped, I learnt that this happened just because of low quality contents.

I bear the fact that blogging experience comes with time, no one born perfect so what if i could not get success in my first blog.

When i lossed all of my traffic due to low quality contents, i became depressed which had badly effected my overall health.

First i tried my level best to make necessary optimizations, implementations and plans but since it was not a traffic deserving blog, i had to face ultimate failures.

This level of blog failure made my blood pressure high at the age of only 22 years+.

Doctor suggested me that you should quit any hardwork and depression if you want to spend healthy time because high blood pressure can make problems for you in future.

In February 2017, i gave up and closed my old blog.

I deleted all of my articles and started a new blog called “BloggingDoctor”

Since now i was totally aware about niche and nicheless blog and I had a short blogging experience so i prefer to cover SEO, Affiliate marketing, Blogging tips, WordPress and related topics.

I learnt the importance of using proper keywords with my blog posts so i i look for some free options.

I used as my keyword research tool but does not provide enough information about keywords so i quit this tool and found a premium seo tool.

Moving towards SEO

Now i became serious about blogging and i wanted to run this blog at any cost.

This ultimate wish redirected me towards premium seo tools and proper implementations of on page and off page SEO, free seo tools cannot be ignored but having some premium tools like LongTailPro is compulsory.

I exactly follow these on page seo techniques so i can maximize my chances to rank higher.

On the other hand, i don’t forget to follow off page seo implementations too which includes submission of blog to search engines such as google and bing.

I Hardly tried to get backlinks from relevant domains but believe me backlinks remain difficult task for me, every blogger find it difficult to get high quality links from other sites.

In order to achieve success in blogging, i convinced myself for using at least a single image with each of my blog post.

When i started adding images with my blog posts, believe me my traffic surprised me and most importantly, i managed a good bounce rate with the help of good images.

I’m sharing my actual blogging experience so you can make a clear plan for your own blog because I don’t want you to face blog failure since it hurts a lot.


  1. thanks for sharing your wonderful experience sir, i am also beginner in this field and your story inspiring me a lot. keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for sharing your first hand experience that’s infact,a motivation and guidance for everyone who intends to pursue blogging as a profession.Keep up the good work.Regards


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