How To Write seo friendly Page Titles


writing the seo friendly page titles on your blog is much important if you want to rank on the first page of search engins.
whenever we search on the google, we get too many results in a small period of time. there are many people who are writing the same you write on your blog.

so what is the key to rank on the first page of search engine results?

in order to clear your concept on how google choose the titles, below i have added a video where google employee is speaking on how google choose the titles for any blog or website.

i’d recommend you to watch the video as well as read my recommendations to write seo friendly titles

Tips to write seo friendly page titles

these are some tips to write seo friendly page titles which I use on my own blog for better ranking.
after following these tips, you will observe the improvement in your website ranking on google, bing or yahoo search results.

do the keyword research.

without doing the keyword research for your blog, it’s nearly impossible to rank on the first page.

can you make an idea about the search term that is being searched everywhere in world? your answer would absolutely no. therefore you must have to do a keyword research for your post title

if you can’t afford a payed keyword tool, don’t worry because you are not alone.
there are many ways to find free keywords for blog posts.

so open any free or payed tool for keyword research, find a keyword and come back to post writing.

Use the keyword in post title.

instead of writing random keywords in title. use your focus keyword.

it will tell search engins that the keyword is being searched is actually available on your blog.

Make your title like an answer.

don’t get confused by reading this thought, let me clear what type of answer I was talking about.

if your keywords is on page seo techniques make it like an answer by completing it as on page seo techniques to rank on the first page.

don’t make it like “these are on page seo techniques that will improve your ranking on search engins like google”.

title length.

always remain conscious about the title length while writing the post title on your blog.

try not to write less than 30 characters as blog title.
on the other hand, your title should not contain more than 65 characters.

I will recommend you to write between 50 and 60 characters on your blog title.

if you would not care about the title length, it will show incomplete in search engine results.

have you any other recommendations about writing the seo friendly page titles? I would like to here from you in comments.


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