The Ultimate Guide To Write High Quality Content For Websites


Effective content writing style is the first way to even think about starting a blog
Despite of having best things to blog about, you cannot rank or write high quality contents for your blog because there are many SEO monsters who can put your blog down by implementing a high level of optimization.

Today i will walk you through the procedure of writing content for websites so you may get deserving rankings on search engines.
Remember: not only search engines, but your human visitors need a well written content too, so if you are going to start a blog, you should care for both search engines and human beings.

Don’t act in the dark because they are viewers who builds the rutes of fame of any person.
If you were looking for an article to learn how to write a blog then you are at the right place.

Effective content writing tips for beginners

These are some origional techniques for any website content writer who is really concerned about their writing style and most importantly who want to optimize their text for humans and search engines too.

I have divided this guide into subsections and each section has a sepret list of implementations that you need to follow for article writing.

General guidelines

pic a topic in which you are interested.

A blogger needs a lot of best things to blog about Because it’s impossible to receive appreciations with less knowledge.

Without having a great passion about your blog topic, you cannot stand for a long time to communicate on this.

Remember, Blogging is not about telling the basics, it’s about discovering the hidden realities for your readers and followers. You need a lot of creative blog post ideas to make your articles engaging.

If you have enough information about your topic, but you have a fix amount of knowledge then what will you do when your knowledge will reach at the end?

Would you stop writing? so you would fail because your blog will never grow up, if 10 blog posts were enough to become a blogger then there would be no space available to register a new domain 🙂

Always go for a topic in which you are confident so it will be easy for you to explore further without getting irritated.

If you are unsure about selecting a topic for your blog, then my guide will help you to find a good topic according to your interests.

Understand your visitors.

A good website content writer never prefer to write their content in a difficult language because he need to build trust, so he try to capture intention from maximum people.

If you prefer to make a good impression of your language and capabilities and you don’t care about the level of your visitors then content writing is not for you, you deserve to become an author at a newspaper or a writer of any book.

If you are interested in writing content for websites then maintain a good level of communication, include some funny parts if your topic allows you to do this because it will represent you an origional person on the front of your readers.

Remember: original copywriting techniques leads your blog towards success.
If only qualities like English skills, high knowledge and exceptional way of writing were enough to increase organic traffic then all of our professors would reserve Google for their results! 🙂

Do your homework

This section will requires you to collect some important information about the topic that you are going to discuss in your next article.

Keyword research.

Keyword research is a most important part of content writing because without targeting the proper keywords, you cannot move towards the right audience.

Without the proper target keywords, you can consider a blog post just like hovering a juice seller in the jungle because there would be noone to purchase and he have to drink all the juice alone. 🙂

there are many tools which allows you to find free keywords for your blog posts, But if you are serious about building your brand, then you need a good keyword planner like SEMrush or longtail pro which will allows you to find profitable keywords and makes you able to track your competitors too.

Keep in mind! never ignore the importance of keywords because a blog gets nothing if it does not contain a list of popular keywords.

Post outline.

Every website content writer makes a post outline before he start writing a post on live blog.

Post outline makes you able to write faster because once you start writing, you won’t need to stop writing for thinking about the next headline.

On the other hand, it’s a good practice to make your content atractive because an organized thing always brought intention from maximum people.


This section refer you to follow best practices to make your content attractive for screen.

Use images.

Images are the basic part of content writing because if you would share the relevant images along with a text then your visitors would feel comfortable and they will understand your blog post easily.

I ran a blog without an image but noone ever bothered to pay any intention towards my text because this is the world of beauty.

So i finally start using images because i could not aford the absense of visitors.

Maintain keywords density.

As Google has stated clearly that they will penalise low quality sites, so you cannot aford a Google penalty by exceeding the keyword density while writing content for websites.

Always try to find LSI keywords so you can avoid keyword stuffing and maintain a good keyword density.

LSI keywords not only helps you to maintain keyword density but they can maximize your chances to rank higher in searches.

Whenever you ask anyone to share some content writing tips he will suggest you to avoid repeating keywords and use LSI keywords instead.

Interlink old articles.

interlinking is a best way to deliver a juice to your older posts from your new articles.

By interlinking your previous articles, you can send a visitor for reading the relevant articles which is a good signal for decreasing bounce rate for your blog.

On the other hand, interlinking is a best way to boost your page authority so you can become an authoritative source in the eyes of Google.


Content writing is not similar to writing a presentation for university, it requires you to follow proper on page SEO techniques and seo copywriting tips if you want to be found on the search engines.

By following my content writing tips, you can maximize your chances to deliver a good user experience for bots and humans too.

If you have a list of best things to blog about and you were looking for a proven way to capture deserving organic traffic then i hope you would never feel unsatisfied by following these content writing tips.


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