8 Steps to Write Quality Content for your blog


i’m damn sure you are actually become tired by getting suggested from everyone to write quality content if you want to be found first on the search engines. but problem is that no one is ready to share some tips on how to create a quality content for your own blog.

these are some tips which I use my blog while writing a new post at BloggingDoctor, and by following these guidelines, you can improve your writing style as well.

have you ever heard that “Content is king?” if not, you are informed that without writing unique contents for a blog, it’s almost impossible to capture your visitors.

How To Write Quality Contents?

in order to maintain the content quality, there are many things to consider, the selection of your words, the style of your writing, the selection of highlights and many thing elce as well.

these are some recommendations that you can follow to improve the quality of your blog contents.

8 Tips to write quality content for SEO

by following these steps properly, you will not only become able to write quality content, but you will write more faster than before.

pic a topic in which you are interested.

first of all, you should decide that which topic will be your target? in which topic you can write easily.

don’t pick a topic just because it has a lot of worth, if you will consider only popularity, you will never be able to describe it comprehensively.

writing on your own interest is not a big deal because you will surely have a lot of information regarding the subject and you will cover it from top to bottom.

if you are unsure about choosing the topic for your blog, here is my recommendation to choose your blog topic

Understand your visitors.

in order to deliver your thoughts clearly, first you need to understand that who are your visitors.

it’s a principal of communication that speak in a way that can be understand by your students.

if you will write your post in high English, may be there is a chance to lose your visitors who cannot understand this level of your language.

if you are teaching to beginners, make sure you provide comprehensive description for each section of your article.

Do keyword research.

without doing a strong keyword research for your blog, it’s nearly impossible to be found on search engins, those days have gawn when you did not had to worry about the keywords of your blog posts.

make sure you are targeting proper keywords for each blog post.

recommended readings: what are keywords in seo and how to find free keywords for blog

Make an outline.

before start writing your blog post, it’s recommended to make a rough outline.

while writing a rough outline for your new posts, you can include it’s introduction, important highlights and some technical points.

this will save your time and makes you able to write smoothly.

here is my article to learn how to write outline for your blog posts.

Use proper images

images can capture your visitors, it’s easy to deliver your thought to your visitors with a small graphic instead of writing 500 words for the description.

here are my recommendations to use blog images.

Take care of Keywords.

in order to optimize your blog posts with seo, you should not forget to maintain a good keyword density for all of your blog posts.

on the other hand, you should stay away from keyword stuffing because it can strongly hurt your blog seo.

Interlink your old articles.

while writing a new blog post, you should not forget to interlink your old articles for the comfort of your visitors, by providing links to your old useful articles, you can convince your visitor to stay on your blog for a long time.

Check for errors.

no matter how fast and ifficient you type, being a human it’s nearly difficult to write a complete post without making even a single error.

sometimes you missed some important point due to fast typing.

on the other hand, you can make some spellings mistakes while writing your new post on your blog.

in order to prevent your visitors to make you aware about your mistakes, make a habit to deeply read your post before you click publish button.

what method you follow to write quality contents on your blog? write your thoughts in comments below.


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