How To Write Your Blog Post Outline


in order to type your article in a short period of time, you should first write a blog post outline.

writing post outline for your blog can save a lot of time and you will enjoy writing on your blog instead of feeling frustration.

on the other hand, writing an outline for your blog can reduce the number of mistakes in your blog articles.

Tips to write an outline for your blog posts

this is the exact method which I follow on my own blog to write outlines for my blog posts.

after following the menssioned steps below, you will become able to write your posts in less time and your writing style would become ifficient more than ever.


at the very first stage, you need to find keyword for blog posts, after that you need to open a text editor and type your focused keyword at the top of your document.

Post Title.

now write your post title in second line and don’t forget to include your focus keyword if you really want to write seo friendly page titles for your blog.

Post headings.

in the 3rd line, start writing your post headings which you are going to include in your new post.

don’t forget to use your focus keyword in only one heading of your blog post, your focus keyword will available in the very first heading, so you can ignore this trick if you are going to write less than 1000 words in your blog post.

subheadings or important points.

describe all the subheadings or points under the main headings of post.

this will surely make you able to write your blog posts with comfort and you will never feel any frustration while writing.

if you are not sure about writing headings for blog, you can read my guide on How To Properly Use Headings For Blog Posts

what method you prefer to write blog post outline? tell me in comments.


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