The Ultimate Guide To Write Best Blog Headlines


Headlines are the majour parts of your overall blog content which describe a lot about the nature of your material.
Writing best blog headlines is a techy procedure, but i am going to show you the simple and effective ways to do your job without putting yourself in troubles.

First of all, you might be thinking that why you need to write attractive blog headlines? in short why you should care at all!

you need to write best blog headlines because sometimes your visitors would like to understand the level of ifficiency in your blog post.
People read your blog headings then they read your content if it’s related to their interest.

before writing your article, you should include headlines in your post outline

How to write best headlines

these are the steps to perform if you want to make your blog posts attractive by dividing it to sections and subsections.

Use proper tags.

this step refers you to divide your post in sections, you can use large and small sizes of headings while writing your blog posts.

but you should not forget to provide only deserving size to your headline.

if your headline is going to represent your whole topic, then it should be at level one.

It’s recommended that you should not use heading level one because some wordpress premium themes already make h1 at the very beginning of your article.

here is a detailed guide to use headings tags

Write reasoneable words.

while writing headlines, you should avoid to write extra words, select only those words which makes sense.

more words leads your headlines towards confusion and tells the level of your weekness.

Keep surprises.

avoid to tell the solutions in headlines.
for example: If you are going to write an article about making a best plan for life after retirement. then avoid writing headlines like “save your money by making monthly budget”.

by reading like the above example, your readers will get disappoint because without reading anything further, they will get to know that this blogger is going to tell us that we need to make a budget if we want to make our life better after retirement.

have you any other procedure to make your headlines attractive? let me know in comments.


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