How To Write Atractive Blog Posts


Regardless of in which niche you are blogging, in the event that you need to beet your competetors, you need to write atractive blog posts  which can persuade a guest to peruse your blog.
In this post, we will talk about some exceptional approaches to write appealing blog articles so your blog can get higher positioning on search engines.

What Makes an Article Atractive?

Your article becomes attractive when you format it properly, when you write your article with on page seo techniques.

Formatting convince a human and SEO techniques convince search engines.

Now you just need to understand that which format is good for your content? as every blog doesn’t contains same types of content, so you can analyse and select the format of your own blog according to your content types.

Formatting Your Blog Posts

in order to properly format your articles, you should wisely use headings for your blog, on the other hand, don’t forget to use reasonable images while writing a blog post.
Here is an article which will guide you to write headlines for your new articles.

Don’t forget to interlink blog posts because it not only increase domain authority but it can provide a wonderful user experience on your blog.

Content Length

The length of your article really matters when we talk about writing quality contents but remember, you shouldn’t make your post boring for your readers because they will immediately leave your page if you will fill your blog posts with unnecessary material.

It’s good to write 2000 words for your articles but remember, don’t write 10,000 words unless it really makes sense.

You need to engage your readers, you are not here to make your readers annoyed and boring.

Tell a Story

Yes, you shouldn’t be a robot on the front of your readers, they expect some practical talk from you because you are an experienced blogger on their eyes.

If you are writing a post because you had to explore a lot for that solution, you simply should tell them your experience which you have gained while exploring your resources.

This practice will make you a biggest blogger because people believe on an experienced man, they are not believers of imaginary stories. 🙂

What elce you would recommend to write atractive blog posts? let me know in comment box.


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