WordPress and Drupal, which one to use


choosing a best content management system for your business is a hard decision, everyone knows that WordPress and Drupal both are the big softwares.
but you can’t choose the correct one for your business without having the clear concept about their functionality.

in this guide i have unfold the differences bitween the two content management systems which are WordPress and Drupal.

Simularity bitween wordpress and drupal

WordPress and Drupal have many simularities such as both are designed using PHP, JavaScript and sql programming languages.
on the other hand, both have obility to manage your contents, save your data to database and manage a large site without messing with PHP codes.


functionality is completely different bitween WordPress and Drupal

wordpress was launched as a blogging software and now became a complete CMS.

wordpress is being used in 25 percent website in all over the world

wordpress is more flexible than drupal because it don’t required a programmer to make changes

there are thouzands of wordpress plugins which can do the almost every task including Site SEO, social media management and anything elce without having to touch even a single code.

Drupal is more complex, difficult to learn but extremely powerful CMS.

drupal can manage extremely large sites, thouzands of pages, users and contents easily.

with drupal, you can build a site according to your imaginations but it’s required programming knowledge to make some of changes


flexibility can be a a bit challenge when you design a website for client, your clients will need a website which has obility to manage their site without having the knowledge of programming languages, when it comes to flexibility, WordPress and Drupal both have a different interface.


wordpress has a completely sepret dashboard to manage the administration panel of the site, in tipicle words, wordpress dashboard is called backend area.

in order to make any changes to your site, you will have to open the backend area of your site which will display a complete dashboard to manage your posts, pages, plugins, themes and functionality.

the frontend area will then display your changes to the visitors of your website.


drupal provides you an option to manage your website without leaving your homepage.

whenever you logged in to drupal, it displays everything on same page and you can make the required changes easily


securety is a real challenge for every website, hackers always try to get access to your website in order to make unwanted changes.

once your website is hacked, your personal information and all the data becomes a big risk.

since mostly government sites are using drupal because of it’s enterprise level securety, you can trust drupal to be safe.

on the other hand, hackers usually target wordpress websites for their experiments.

the above menssioned statement does not prove that wordpress is unsafe and we should not use it
wordpress has so  many plugins which can provide you the different types of securety.

many bloggers and companies are using wordpress without any securety fear.


WordPress and Drupal both have active community support system for their users, both have their official forums where you can get the free support in minuts or hours.

it depends on your question’s complexity, if you have an easy query, the chances are that you will get answers in minuts, otherwise you have to wait for experts.

there are many people who can work for you at perfessional level but you have to pay them, there is no fix amount because they are not employees of any company or organization.

usually drupal developers causts you higher because there are less developers for drupal as compared to wordpress.


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