Why You Are Not Going To Make Money Blogging And How To Fix It

All the possible mistakes that leads your blog towards isolation and let you empty handed forever


Are you planning to start a blog to share your own thoughts to the world? do you think that blogging is a good business for you?

Well it’s not that much easy to start a blog that seeks success in a few days., let me tell you that Why You Are Not Going To Make Money Blogging if you are going to commit some common mistakes as menssioned below.

This article aims to guide you towards proper way to go if you have a plan to run a successful blog in future.

Some newbie bloggers can also learn to fix the menssioned mistakes to save their blog from being fallen down from SERPs.

Note: I’m not a blog palmest but I can tell you all the things according to my own experiences.

Why You Are Never Going To Make Money Blogging?

So lets dive into the details of the things which keep bloggers empty handed and they never make money with blogging.

As we already know that bloggers should have exceptional approaches to make things true, but basic principals cannot be ignored.

After learning these basic principals, you will have better opportunities to work efficiently to fill your hard work with a decent amount of money.

You started blogging for money.

This should not be surprising for anyone because people often reads a lot about making money online, they try many things and finally they see a blog post telling them to start a blog and make money from your online work.

You may have seen some ads about making money online through blogging and upon first impression, they seems atractive and compeling.

As i have already written that how it’s hard to make money online so you should not start a blog just because you want to make money and you have not a lot of knowledge to deliver to your audiences.

On the other hand, avoid to start a nicheless blog just because you have spent some money while purchasing a domain, web hosting and you are paying for internet connection.

Having a blog does not mean that you can write about your personal life, health tips, life insurance, finance, technology and business development tips in a single domain.

It’s always important to maintain a good niche so you can get the right audience from accurate search phrases.

You don’t care about quality.

Not only content, but high quality content is king.

If you are willing to compromise on the quality of your blog posts, then be ready for huge compromise on your earning as well.

It’s not possible to get a sweetest coffee without adding enough sugar in it, so same rule consider with your blog posts.

The more you right efficient, the more reader you get, the more money comes to your account.

Don’t forget to read my article on writing high quality blog posts where i explained everything in detail that you need to write a perfect copy.

Remember, there are already more than enough bloggers talking about the same topic, so you need to prove your blog has something that other’s are failed to deliver.

If you are gathering information from some popular blogs in your niche and republishing them with a short detail then don’t expect that reader will come to you just because you too have a blog.

Try to write 1500 meaningful words with some extra sides of the topic if your competetor has written 1000 words.

This is the only quality which makes your blog different and convince readers towards your posts.

You are sharing old information.

This makes a lot of sense that what are you writing on your blog, it can be wondered or worst enemy of your success.

Whenever you decide to contribute a blog post, make sure that you have confirmed it’s needs and worth.

If noone is looking for the information you are going to write about, then it’s better to rest instead of writing a harmful post for your blog’s health.

This is exactly Why You Are Not Going To Make Money Blogging because you are sharing outdated content to your visitors which is already known to them.

They will survive for a few days with this kind of attitude then they will start finding another alternative blog which can provide them fresh content according to the trends.

Once they lose interest in your blog, your blog will begun towards failior and you will lose all of your traffic.

You don’t care about frequency.

Don’t forget to update your blog with fresh contents frequently.

If you are serious about blogging, then it’s important to write articles on daily bases.

Once you achieve a good number of visitors, they expects more from your blog.

If you won’t take the frequency very seriously, your visitors will consider you a non-serious blogger and they will be annoyed by seeing the same posts again and again upon opening your blog everytime.

I can share one of my own experience in this regard when i lossed a great number of my visitors in just a month of carelessness.

Once i had to work for my fulltime job and it was going difficult for me to maintain a level between my blog and profession.

I decided not to contribute new articles on my blog for some days and i started working for my office.

I had to develop an HRM system for my government organization so when i checked my blog again after a few days, it gave me a surprising visitors report and finally i lossed almost 40 percent of my visitors.

I had to work hard for regaining the visitors back which took me almost a month with double hard work.


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