Why Mailing Lists Are Important For any Blog


While visiting almost each blog on the internet, you will be offered to subscribe their mailing list, but question is that why mailing lists are important for blogs?

having a mailing list for blog is important if you want to do off page seo for your blog posts.

on the other hand, you can directly reach your visitors by sending an email to their inbox.

Did you know? almost 50 percent visitors won’t come back to your blog after getting their required information.
the reason is that if your blog is appeared on the search engins, your visitors would not be bother to know about you, their actual concern is to read information, not your blog.

but if you have an email list for blog, you can offer them a subscription so you will become able to reach them directly by sending your blog updates to their inbox.

where email lists are important?

these are some main points where your email list plays an important role for your blog.

Conversion rate.

your email list plays a majour role in converting your visitors into your customer, if you are selling something on your blog, you will have wonderful opportunity to offer your visitors to buy your products.

Traffic assurance.

it asure a reasonable number of visitors even if you have lossed your ranking on the search engins.

as we all know that google is keep updating their algorithms to improve the search experience of their users, therefore our site can be penalized at any time.

but if you will have a mailing list, you will be able to get a short number of visitors during your penalty.

How to create a mailing list?

there are many ways to create mailing list for wordpress blog.

not all the methods are free, if you want to make a beautiful email list with a lot of customization, you need to use a premium service, but if you are a hobby blogger or don’t have a lot of resources to spend on your blog, there are some free methods which can at least allow you to reach your visitors directly.

you can read more in my article  how to create a mailing list for blog where I have shared enough information.

now it’s your tern, according to you, why mailing lists are important? let me know in comments.


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