Why Backlinks Are Important for seo


how many of you did not heard about building backlinks for your blog?
I hope there is no one who didn’t heard even once. but the question is that why backlinks are important for blog?

whenever we thinks about the low ranking of our blog, we search some solution over the search engins. we try to search a solution which can provide us a good and reasonable ranking.

but unfortunatlly always we have to listen that improve your backlinks.

you might be thinking that despite of writing quality contents, why should I need to build backlinks for blog?

your question definitely makes sense, but unfortunately search engins doesn’t relies only on quality contents.

there are many factors who decides about the ranking of your site, and building backlinks is one of the majour factor.

if you are following the proper on page seo techniques while writing articles on your blog, it’s possible that you will get a little ranking by default.

but if you have a lot of backlinks for your blog, your ranking would be exceptional.

why backlinks are important for SEO?

as we all know, search engins does not choose the ranking for any website by reviewing the each page manually.

they are algorithms who analyse the entire web and provide necessary importance to each site in their niche.

along with seo optimized contents, search engins like to know how many people already knows about your blog, product or brand? if your blog would have a large number of backlinks, search engins including google will consider you a popular source in a specific niche.

when it comes to domain authority, building backlinks again plays the majour role here.

you cannot increase domain authority without having quality backlinks for your blog.

and you already know that a worst domain authority always lead you to less ranking.


there are many factors who decides the ranking of your blog, but building backlinks are important ifyyou want to improve your trust and domain authority.
if you have any other explaination to share on why backlinks are important for any blog, please write your views in comments below


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