Who Should Blog And Who Shouldn’t? Complete Guide For Beginners


As we all know that blogging is not for everyone because It requires a lot of hardwork, so today we will discuss everything in detail that Who Should Blog And Who Should not blog.

At the initial stage, people find blogging is an easy way to earn online, but it’s a bitter reality that blogging takes a lot of time, patience and hardwork if your aim is to run a blog that makes money.

before we go into the technicalities of the article, here is a detailed guide to learn the ways to make money from blogging.
I highly recommend you to read each article that is linked to this article if you want to start a blog.

Who Should Have A Blog?

blogging relies on your mind, so everyone who have a lot of information regarding their niche should write blogs.

make sure your English if not good then at least you have words to convey your message to your readers, without having power of words, it’s almost impossible to engage your readers with your blog.

you must should have time to read other’s blog as well because no matter how perfect you are in your topic, world is always growing up and you have to write about only latest articles, otherwise internet is already fill with outdated material.

always keep in mind that you also should have at least three to four hours to give to your blog on daily basis.
blog who get updated frequently get more visitors and intention than less updated blogs, and at the beginning, you must have to write something regularly because you need to beet your competetors.

you can imagine a new blogger is getting in race when competetors are about to reach their destination, you would win only if your speed is much faster than other competetors.

Who Should Not Blog?

anyone who have a busy life should not write blog because no one prefer to spent resources without getting anything in return.

blogging is only for people who got excellent stamina and are not shortturm commiters.

if you are like those people who write 2 articles on first day and forget their blogs for month then I would recommend you to have fun with with your friends and family instead of spending even your first day with blogging.

because our clear question is that who should blog, therefore i’m writing state forward so you should not take it personally if something is harsh and rude.

be prepaired for insecureties

if you have started a blog, but you are not getting result according to your expectations then I would recommend you that don’t put yourself in depression.

I know when I was working hard for my blog without any response, I had some serious health problems, I had unbearable mind illness which was a cause of great headache, therefore I don’t want you to feel the same I felt.

Now it’s your turn. what you will recommend, according to your thinking, who should blog and who should not blog? please write your thoughts in comments below.


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