When Blog monitisation Works best? (The Ultimate Guide)

Everything you need to know before getting involved in blog monitisations.


Since people are looking every solution to their problems on Google, so blogging is getting more popularity in 2018 and bloggers are getting involved deeply with their profession.
Apart of all the intentions behind blogs, their is a common intention which is blog monitisation and every blogger seems keenly interested to get their blog monitised to make money from their online work.

If we compare the year 2018 with 2006 or before, the first thought should come to our mind that there is no space for new bloggers to make money online.

But if you believe on “never give up” quotation, then you will surely find a space to jump in this profession.

On the other hand, you will apply all of your energies to bring your blog on the top of your niche and you will find some creative ways to get your blog noticed by relevant readers.

Despite of having a lot of energies, creativity and passion of blogging, it’s a recognized truth that you have to wait for a specified period of time if you are not a most luckiest person in the world.

Once you start a blog, you have to work hard before it gets fame among search engines and audience.

If you are planning to monitise your blog for making money, then you are at good place to learn how much exactly you need to wait before you can make money blogging with blog monitisations.

If you are blogging for a few years ago, then you may already know that how it’s hard to make money online when you have uncountable competitors.

Blog Monitisations is a very first way to earn money by different kinds of ads in your blog, but before you start making some dollars, there is a lot to do to get enough viewers who will turn it towards success.

What to consider before monitising your blog?

Before you go for the monitisation of your blog, there are a few things that you have to consider at any cost

.Without these considerations, you are not going to make any income even if you have delivered your best to serve relevant ads to relevant users.

Real traffic.

Traffic from authoritative sources is one of the basic thing to get before you can monitise a blog effectively.

It’s a clear fact that without having organic traffic, you cannot stand for a long time due to internal discouragement.

If you are writing day and night but you receive only 20 or 50 visitors per day, then how can you convince yourself to talk to the walls?

Visitors are the important for blog monitisation as well.

You will get watched your ads only if there are a lot of visitors visiting your site on daily bases and they are not belong to them who only open a webpage and click close button.

Remember, in the time of ad blockers, you will be able to display ads only to a few users if there are 100 users online.

So don’t expect you are going to make huge money just from 50 or 100 visitors.

Blog Design.

Before thinking for the blog monitisations, do analysis of your blog design, is it looks like a professional blog?

If you have a weak designed blog, it’s difficult for you to place your ads in appropriate way and finally you will end up with losing interest of your loyal visitors.

There are many premium and free wordpress themes which can satisfy your needs regarding the design of your blog.

Don’t be annoyed while suffering from the whole implementations procedure because once you managed all of the basic things, this would be you who will be going to get the good return.

Targeting countries.

Did you know? most of monitisation programs including adsense and media.net have a basic requirement that your blog should be receiving a higher number of visitors from United states, Canada or United kingdom?

On the other hand, countries from asia and other parts of the world has very Low Cost Per Click (CPC) so you won’t be making enough money even if you have get approved by blog monitisation programs.

It’s very important to get traffic from some bigger countries Including USA, UK or canada if you really want to earn some dollars.

Use a good keyword tool to get country specific keywords for your blog posts, on the other hand, you can set a prefered country from your google search console account but it’s not a recommended method to set-up a specific country.

My list of free seo tools will provide you some ways to generate high quality keywords for your blog posts.

Content length.

Before applying for monitisation programs for blogging, make sure that you have seficient text written in each article.

Without having enough content in your blog posts,, you won’t be able to serve ads appropriately.

It does not look nice if you have placed ads after each single paragraph or line.

If you really want to entertain your readers with good information as well as ads, you need a good knowledge about your blog topic so you can serve them a better structured article.

How are you going to monitise your blog?

Now, here is the important part of blog monitisation that in which way of monitising you are going to adopt for your own blog.

There are many things which can make it true, some of the famous ways i’ll be discussing in this article.


upon the first impression, everyone want to make money through the google adsense.

It’s a very popular ad provider network with high paying rates but accepts only sites with high quality content.

Only 3 out of 1000 websites gets approval from adsense and other bloggers remain unsuccessful.

There are many requirements of google to make you their partner and some of them as follows.

Domain age.

You cannot get approved an adsense account with a website which has not a good domain age.

Google says that they want to connect their advertisers only to serious publishers therefore they don’t trust your blog if you are not blogging for a long time.


Without having a good domain authority in your niche, it’s extremely difficult to get an adsense account for your blog.

First of all, you have to prove that you are serving your readers in an efficient way and this is possible only if you post a lot of high quality articles on your blog.

Country in which you are living.

There are many countries which are not considered by google adsense as high quality traffic.

If you are living in United states or some bigger countries then it’s possible that you will get an instent approval from adsense, but if you are living in india or pakistan including some other small countries then you will have to wait for a long time.

Sponsered Ads

If you want to display direct ads on your blog for some products then there are a few things that you need to insure before people can trust you.

Blog popularity.

First of all, you need to prove to your advertisers that you have a good popularity in your niche and there are many people who knows you as a good blogger in your niche.

Without showing the authority in your niche, noone is going to believe that you will provide them a good number of customers in return.

Before expecting any advertiser, you need to improve the traffic of your blog so people can trust that they will get at least some customers.

Remember, if you cannot provide customers to a company, then they are not mad who will be interested only in advertisement.


It’s difficult but possible to get your blog monitise in 2018 if you have a great passion towards the topic of your blog.

You can build a good authority, trust and money will be in your account with a few hard implementations.

This article will be updated later with some new tips.


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