What Is SEO? Complete Guide For Beginners


there are many wrong concepts about the search engine optimization, some people thinks it’s procedure to buy traffic, some thinks seo is a web programming that can be done through codes.
in order to clear all those concepts, today we are going to discuss that what is seo and how it works.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a procedure which decides about the appearance of your blog or website on the search engine results.

A Complete overview of SEO

SEO cannot be done through codes, it required techniques and optimization directly in your web pages.

in order to optimize your blog for search engins, you have to improve your writing method and nothing elce.

as we already know that search engins relies on their algorithms to provide ranking to any website or blog, so if your blog will be written according to search engine’s guidelines, you will rank better than others.

tipically there are two types of SEO (search engine optimization)

  • On page seo
  • off page seo

below I have describe both of them in detail.

on page seo

whatever you done directly on the webpage of your blog it comes under the on page seo, some basic practices that you can follow are writing seo friendly titles, choosing seo friendly permalink structure for your blog and doing keyword research.

off page seo

in order to promote your blog, whatever you do it’s comes under the off page seo, there are some recommendations to do off page seo for your blog.

for example you can submit your blog to google search console, submit your blog to bing and finally you can add your blog in dmoz directory.

What is not SEO

Search engine optimization is not a procedure to purchase a special ranking for a specific keyword from search engins.

on the other hand, none of the seo trick can provide you assurance to get your worst pages on the first page of google or any other search engine.


seo is a never ending subject, it can provide you a satisfactory ranking if you will do it properly, you cannot improve the appearance of your site in search engins result in a single night, therefore it’s recommended that try to deliver best and wait for the right time.

have you anything to describe that what is seo? add your own view in comments below.


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