What Is Payoneer MasterCard? Complete Guide For Beginners


making money online is an aim for every blogger, therefore I like to introduce a mastercard which will make you able to receive your international payments.
this post contains all the answers to your questions like what is payoneer mastercard and it’s importance in making money online.

as we all know it’s hard to transfer money worldwide without having a bank which supports worldwide transactions.

there is a most popular service called “PayPal” which is an ultimate solution to manage businesses online, but unfortunately PayPal is not available in some countries therefore bloggers like you and me always try to find an alternate to receive their payments.

What Is Payoneer Account?

payoneer allows you to have a virtual account in USA where you can store your money in US Dalers and allows you to withdraw your money in your local currency from anywhere in the world.

with a payoneer card, you can make purchases from those online shops and stores who accept payments through debit card.

on the other hand, payoneer can send direct deposit in your local bank account if you prefer, or you can withdraw your money from supported ATM machines as well.

all is you have to check which ATM supports payoneer card in your country, go to the any branch, insert your payoneer and withdraw your money as you withdraw from your other ATM cards.

When you need a payoneer card

you need a payoneer mastercard when you decide to promote your business online.

if you receive online payments from whole world and PayPal does not offer it’s services in your country, then you can consider payoneer account.

secondly: you can use your payoneer account as your debit card if you ever wish to make a purchase online.

last but not least, you can use your payoneer mastercard with most of affiliate networks like shareasale and cj.

use my affiliate link to sign up for payoneer, if you will sign up using my link, then you will earn 25 dalers upon your registration.

have you any confusion, question or comment about payoneer mastercard? please write your queries in comments below.


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