What is CPanel


being a new blogger or website designer, you might be want to know that what is actually a CPanel??

CPanel is a web based software to provide you a web based control panel of your site

every web hosting company provide a free CPanel to their customer to access the management area of domain and hosting.

you can access this by typing domain.com/CPanel in your browser

Features of the CPanel

usually all the companies provide you the following features along with an hosting account

  • stats
  • database management
  • email management
  • file management
  • domain and subdomain management
  • antivirus
    an additional feature, sometime you have to pay extra charges for this
  • automatic apps installer
  • FTP accounts

a small description to each section is provided below.


this section provides you information about the band with, current files stored in your account and disk usage

database management

from this section, you can modify, add and delete the databases and users

email management

the email management section allows you to setup, modify, or delete email accounts.
you can get the more information such as smtp ports

File management

the file management provides you a web based file manager to modify, copy, move, upload and delete files without using the FTP client like file zilla

domain and subdomain management

from this section, you can add and remove subdomains, remember, it depends on your hosting company that they provide you extra subdomains or not


antivirus provide you an option to scan your website from malware and clean the website from harmful scripts.

Automatic apps installer

this section allows you to install some content management systems like wordpress and drupal without having to mess with difficult procedures.

you can install any content management system with a few clicks

FTP accounts

this section allows you to setup and remove FTP accounts for your website, you can use a FTP client to manage your files without opening the CPanel


in order to run a successful website, you must need a CPanel to work ifficiently.

before choosing a web hosting company, make sure that they provide a CPanel because you won’t be able to manage your website


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