What Is Anchor Text In SEO And How To Use It Properly


getting proper anchor text is important when you build backlinks for blog.
simply getting backlinks from many other sites won’t help you to increase your domain authority.

in this post, we will cover the every aspect of an anchor text so you could use them in a better way.

What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text refers to the words that makes a clickable link to any specific page on your site.

whenever you try to make a hyperlink on your blog, you hide the exact URL behind a word, that words or phrase are called actually Anchor texts.

Whi Anchor Texts Are Important?

search engins actually gathered data by reading anchor texts from whole web directory.

whenever you will use a proper text to each link on your website, it helps search engins to crawl your website easily.

on the other hand, if you know the importance of backlinks or you are trying to get backlink for your blog, it’s important to use a proper keyword in which you want your blog to be found in the search results.

wait a second! don’t become a spammer on the internet because if you will quit further reading, you will surely try to get a backlink with a specific keyword from hundreds of sites, but you will end-up by showing your image as a spammer in the eyes of search engins.

this practice will lead your blog to the down side instead of better ranking.
make sure to use multiple keywords for your website when you make a backlink.

How To Use URLs with Anchor text?

in order to get your visitor to a right page, don’t forget to provide a full URL of the specific location on your site.

never provide the link of your homepage if you want your visitors to see your contact or about page.

have you any confusion about the anchor text? ask me in comments and i’ll be happy to help you as much as I can.


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