What is a FTP Client


being a new comer in the world of blogging, you may have frequently heard the name of FTP Client.
have you ever wondered that what is actually a FTP client? today you will get a complete information about the FTP clients and it’s usage.

What is a FTP client

FTP, File Transfer protocol client is a desktop application which can transfer your files from computer to server and server to computer.
it is a special software made for only web developers to upload and download files and directorys to their website.
before the frequent usage of content management system (CMS), people had to upload their static HTML website to server in order to display information publicly.
now a days everyone relies on content management system instead of designing a static HTML website
therefore we have to use FTP client rarely but remember, without having a FTP account, you cannot run your website or blog successfully.

How It Works

along with the CPanel of our website, we have a number of facilities including domain management, database management and file management.
FTP accounts comes under the file management, we have option to manage our files with web based file manager or with a FTP software. in order to manage our files with client, we must have a FTP account.
like all other accounts, FTP account relies on hostname, username and password as well.
when we open any FTP software, it asks us for these privileges.
after providing correct hostname, username and password we can access our files in a file manager interface instead of web based interface.
we can upload, download, delete, edit and move files without opening any browser.

popular FTP clients

there are number of FTP clients

For windows

FileZilla FireFTP and WinSCP

For Mac

Transmit Cyberduck

For linux

have you any other FTP client which work more ifficient than above menssioned? please write the name of that client in comment below.


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