What is a Content Management System


as you may already have heard about the name of content management system but many of our visitors don’t have the correct concept that what is actually a content management system.
today i’m going to provide a detailed explaination about the CMS so you can make a clear and ifficient idea that what can you expect or what you cannot expect from a content management system

What is a CMS

(CMS) is a system which can provide an interface to manage your files, documents, pages, researchs and other information with an ifficient manner.

it’s a one stop solution to handel the database and other technical aspects of website server.

you just need to provide your personal information regarding your blog, organization or company and it will then display your information in a composed way.

How it works

almost every CMS relies on CSS, JavaScript, PHP and sql programming languages.

it has obility to communicate with database so you don’t need to worry about the database management.

it comes with two mane areas

  • Backend
  • Frontend


from the backend area of your website, you can setup the functionality of your website.
this area is password protected so only administrators have access to visit and make changes.

you have different types of users and each users can have different types of permissions.

by default there is only one user who has unlimited rights and that user is called super admin.

in other words, only site owner have unlimited rights and he or she can add more users with limited permissions


frontennd area is a public area of your website or blog which would be available to see for everyone except the IP addresses which have been blocked manually by the site administrator.

whatever you will post on your website will become public on the frontend and everyone will be able to read it.

you can sett limits to a spicific types of content for members only so non-member visitors won’t be able to access that information

what you can expect from a CMS

in the initial days of website designing, everyone thinks that CMS will work according to my need,
i will tell and it will listen

no doubt that you can design the almost every type of website with the power of content management system but remember, you have to work hard if you want to achieve something unique.

by default it would allow you a spicific way of displaying your information

but don’t worry, you are not alone who want to customise your website or blog, there are many kind hearted people who provides free plugins, modules and ad-ons to increase the functionality of content management system.

what you cannot expect from a content management system

since there are many misproceptions about content management system and people thinks that content management system was just designed to solve my problems and we can setup our own unique website with a few clicks.

first of all i have to disappoint you here because the developers of any content management system don’t know what are you expecting and they try to design a default packege and allow you to make your own scripts for your special needs.

some organizations and companies might wish to manage their employee leaves in their website but it’s impossible without installing a spicific script for this purpose..

Famous content management systems

since each and every content management system has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, but there are three content management systems which are being used by alot of bloggers, organizations, companies and governments in all over the world.

  1. WordPress
  2. Drupal
  3. Joomla


wordpress is a most popular content management system is being used in almost 25 percent website in all over the world.

due to it’s friendly interface, wordpress is loved by bloggers and people who run their personal sites


Joomla is a award winning content management system

although it’s installation and interface is not much friendly like wordpress but it’s still being used in government sectors and other private companies


drupal is a tough but extremely powerful content management system
its modification is not easy and required alot of programming knowledge but it have really powerful functionalyty.

drupal is being used in schools, colleges, universities and government sectors in all over the world.

have you any further explaination of content management system which you want to make the part of this article? please write your thoughts in comments below.


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