What Are Push Notifications and How to Add Them on Blog


Have you ever seen a message that website would like to send you push notifications? So you wondered why this web asking me for a permission to send me updates about it’s new contents.
Today we will be discussing that what are browser push notifications and how it can increase traffic for your blog or website. You will understand it in a proper way so it will help you in deciding that should you use them with your website or not.

You can easily start a blog because it does not much cost to start a blog with wordpress, but when it comes to gather traffic from external sources, it could be a little challenging for professionals and completely hard for newbies.

Web push notifications will help you to grow your blog traffic by making your blog able to inform the people about your new contents.

On the other hand, you can Quickly reach your audience on their mobiles and desktop computer which is a faster way as compare to email subscribers.

What’s a push notification?

Web Push notifications make your site able to show an icon to your audience, visitor’s, customer’s and reader’s computers and mobiles screen without requiring them to open a web browser or any special application.

Whenever you make an update to your blog or website, you can quickly let them know about that update by sending them a graphical  icon to their screens.

This feature is a fastest way to reach your audience because your email subscribers only know about your updates when they sign in their email accounts, but with browser notifications, they don’t have to sign in their email accounts, they don’t need to open an application, all is they need a working internet connection and nothing elce.

Studies shows that push notifications are providing a very large number of traffic to blogs and websites that get updates frequently.

Sounds interesting? why not to setup push notifications for your own blog today!

Who should send push notifications

You should use this feature if your blog get updates on regular basis and you deliver dynamic contents.

If you are running a blog like BloggingDoctor where updates take place on almost daily basis then Notifications will surely provide you a good amount of traffic to your blog.

On the other hand, if you run a static website where you don’t post new updates frequently, then this feature won’t help you at all.

If you are planning to send a single notification on everyday then your visitors won’t like this practice and they will get rid from your website immidiately.

Noone is crazy to read a single content on your website regularly because it’s you who owns your site, you might be highly concerned about your web but people need fresh contents.

You can send push notifications from website that inform about new employments, scholarships, or any specific type of material.

If you owns a company where you offer discounts frequently on different ocasions then this feature will help you to increase your sales by telling your customers about your promotions at the right time.

News blogs are getting a lot of traffic by using web push notifications with their website.

How to send push notifications from website

If you decided to implement this great feature on your blog, then my guide will teach you a way to do this with 0 cost of money.

As we only cover wordpress on this blog, so I will exactly guide you to add push notifications for wordpress sites. Other CMS users can find a compatible service for their platform but benefits will remain the same.

In order to setup push notifications for wordpress blog, you just need to install and activate a wordpress plugin called OneSignal

You can use One signal without any cost and it will make your blog completely able to work and never let your notifications down.

OneSignal requires a long configuration, so I would recommend you to read A guide from WPBeginner which will guide you through the complete procedure to setup OneSignal wordpress plugin with your own blog.

Have you any recommendations or suggestion about push notification in web applications? let me know in comments and i’ll be happy to hear from you



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