What are keywords in SEO and how to use them


if you have recently started your own blog, you may have heard the name of keywords.
no doubt keywords are the backbone of our posts, but today i will teach you that what are keywords in seo and how they can help you to get organic trafic for your blog.

before you start a blog, do remember that you have to follow the SEO rules while writing your blog posts, otherwise soon you will get to know that your whole blog is hit by google panda and there are no chances for you to drive trafic from search engins.

that time has gone when blogger did not had to worry about the contents quality, this time is to proove yourself by writing quality contents if you want to become a successful blogger.

What are keywords in SEO?

whenever we talk about the on page SEO, the first thing that everyone tell is Keyword research.

yes, keywords research is an initial step to perform if you want to write a SEO optimized Article for your blog.

if you are wondering that what are the keywords? and how do i get a keyword for my blog posts? then i’m going to answer your question below!

keywords are actually phrases that people type over search engins to find their desire information from the internet.

search engins then find the most relevant phrases from all the blogs and display to their visitors.
if you want to write a new post on a spicific topic, you have to decide that in which phrase you want your post to be found over the internet?

after making this decision, pic a keyword planner and do the research on some relevant keywords,
you will see many keywords relevant to your topic, pic a most active and most searched keyword and then come back to your blog with a title of your blog post.

remember, in this post we won’t discuss about the keyword planner tools because it’s another topic, there are many free and payed tools for keyword research and i will write a detailed guide on them later.

Begin copywriting

now it’s time to use your keyword in propper places, first of all, put the keyword in the post title, then use it in your paragraphs and headlines.

don’t overuse the keyword because it will represent you a spammer on the front of search engins.

after completing your article, put the focus keyword in post header, you can easily put focus keyword with the use of Yoast SEO plugin with your wordpress site. here is the detailed guide to install and setup Yoast SEO.

Tip: if you want to learn the method of writing SEO optimized articles, these are some on page seo techniques which can provide you a chance to rank on the first page of search engins.

well, i hope now you have learnt that what are keywords in SEO.
if you have any further explaination, you can write your own description in comments


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