How To Update URLs In WordPress Database


when moving your domain to another web address, the biggest problem you face that you have to change all your old URLs to a new one.
In this post, i’m going to share a method to update URLs in wordpress database at once.

by using this method, you won’t need to update each of your link manually, but in a few clicks, you will successfully change thouzands of your links in seconds.

please note: this method is not for those who are going to update the administration links for their site.

therefore it’s assumed that you have already moved your domain to another address, and you are just looking a way to update the links that you have stored in your blog posts and pages..

If your situation is similar to above statement, then continue below to learn the procedure to update URLs in wordpress database without wasting your precious hours.

How to update wordpress URLs?

in order to update urls with wordpress blog, you just need to follow some of the easy steps as menssioned below and all of your links to old domain will be replaced with the new address in just 5 minutes.

as we all know that changing your posts links manually is not possible unless you don’t have days to waste, therefore we are going to use a free plugin which will do the job for your new blog.

Steps to replace old links

first of all, you need to install a plugin called Velvet Blues Update URLs with your wordpress site.

you can read our guide to install plugins with wordpress

upon activation, a new link called “Update URLs” will be added under the “Tools” menu.

click on the link and it will redirect you to the page where you will fill a form with all your requirements.

first of all, it will ask you for the old website URL.
then you will type the new address of your blog.

now below it will ask you for actions.

  • URLs in page content  ( posts, pages, custom post types, revisions )
    if checked, it will replace all the links from above menssioned places
  • URLs in excerpts
    it would replace links within post excerpts
  • URLs for attachments  ( images, documents, general media )
  • URLs in custom fields and meta boxes
  • Update ALL GUIDs

you should carefully fill the old and new URL of your blog, then check the required boxes and click “Update URLs” button

upon clicking, a new page will appear with the final results, it will show you all the changes and there is nothing to do more.

ask me in comments if you need any further help in updating your URLs with wordpress site.


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