Top 10 Tips to get Approved in Google Adsense


these are the top 10 tips which can boost your chances in google adsense approval. make sure you read and apply them propperly.
since we all know that each and every blogger has an ultimate wish and that wish is to get approved by google adsense teem, but google is strictly look over the website before accepting a website for google adsense program. many of us making mistakes so i write this article to aware the newbi bloggers.

choos high speed hosting

be careful while purchasing the hosting plan. its not recommended to purchase a plan from that company who provides cheap hosting but their loading time is not good or offen they shut the servers down. the enginneer of google adsense program will review your application and he will visit your site only once. if your server would be down that time, he will not be able to visit your website then he will reject your application without the further procedure. on the other hand, he will reject you if your website does not load quickly because they receive countless applications and accept which website loads quickly.

make a clean designed website

well, you have purchased the domain and hosting, its time to build a site.
i know you would like to design your website highly visuall and you would like to make it like a robot, but you know what? you will get instant rejection by google adsense teme if your website contains flash more than html and php, its recommended to design your website with easy navigation, if your website is not user friendly, it has no clear navigation, users cannot decide what to watch then your chances to get approved in google adsense are 0.
remember, your website reviewed by humans when you send an application for google adsense program approval, if your site is user friendly for humans, then you can expect for approval otherwise if a normal person like us will not like your website due to its complicated design then you cannot expect that a google employee will like it.

add following pages

after completing the design of your website, quickly write the following pages:

first of all, google would like to know about the person that is behind this website, they want to see your details like

  • who you are
  • what you offer
  • what are your objectives

provide enough information about you and your site so they can trust you
after that, google would like to know that you care of your visitors or not, therefore its important to provide your contact information such as

  • phone
  • facebook profile and page
  • google profile
  • email

and other information that is possible for you.
provide a disclaimer page so they can understand that you have warned your users that what to do or what not to do,
provide a privacy policy so they can understand how you collect information and how you use this
provide a term of use so they can understand the further details about your site

write origional contents

publishing copywrite material over the blog could be very first thing to show yourself an immature blogger. therefore its strongly recommended that always write unique and ritch contents, make sure you have not copyed even a singal paragraph from any other blog.
you can write an artical which has already published by another author but make sure that you have used your own words while posting it to your blog.
remember, coppying the contents from other’s blog is not a thing that can help you in order to declare yourself blogger, blogging needs research and hardwork.
if publishing the copywrited material would be allowed, then everyone could diclair them bloggers.

use relative images

use the images where necessary, its not seems fair if you have filled your whole blog with images because text is more important than graphics
consider the following while using the images

  • use image where necessary
  • always use alt tag with images so search engins can understand them in a better way

worth note: don’t use copywrited images, many of newbi and beginners search the images online and use them for their work, they never bother to confirm that its allowed to use these images or these are copywrited.
don’t use images if you don’t have permission to use them

submit your site to search engins

whel, you have designed your website, performed the necessary steps, you also have written a few pages. but your site still does not perform well in search engins, before applying for google adsense its suggested to submit your site on different search engins like google webmaster tools, bing and alexa etc so they can use your information correctly

rely on organic trafic

always rely on trafic which you earn from search engins, social networks and email newsletters, if you want to earn money from google adsense. stay away from fake trafic and don’t participate in fake services who provides clicks to your website

make your articals seo friendly

its important to write your articals seo friendly in order to get better ranking on search engins, make your text readable by dividing it into short paragraphs, lists and lines.
divide your artical into sections, for example you can start from introduction, advantages, disadvantages, and finally end with final thoughts or analysis.
explain your topic with clear title but don’t write title long. your title should not contain more than 55 characters.

use social media

after writing your artical, submit it to your social pages such as facebook, google and twitter, there are some plugins with wordpress which can do the automatic job for you, you just need to sett a time and plugin will keep posting your articals to your social pages.

don’t use other adds

don’t put any other add to your blog before getting approved by google adsense teme. google doesn’t want to see another add at the blog who is going to participate in google adsense program, if you have added any other add, remove it quickly and then submit your application for google adsense.


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