Top 5 Tips To Increase Domain Authority


since google directly provide importance to authority sites, therefore it’s important to take more care about it.
in this post, i will provide you some tips to increase domain authority.Top 5 tips to increase domain authority

these are some hand picked methods which will surely help you to increase domain authority of your blog.

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Build backlinks.

one of the very effective way to increase domain authority of your blog is that build backlinks for blog.

backlinks are extremely helpful to show you an authoritative source in your niche, the more you get backlinks, the more you get higher authority.

Do interlinking.

interlinking between your own blog posts is another method to increase domain authority, it shows your grip on a specific subject.

interlinking not only help you to increase domain authority, but it improves the overall user experience of your blog, you can have more page views as well by properly interlinking your blog posts

Write quality contents.

i’m damn sure you are tired by listening this sentence from everyone but fact cannot be ignored. the quality of your content is highly matters when it comes to domain authority.

whatever is your aim, your content is always consider a king.

writing quality contents can bring you on the first page of search engins.


Increase domain registration.

the age of your domain is also considered when your domain is being calculated for authority score.

make sure it’s not going to expire very soon, it’s recommended to register your domain for many years.

this registrations would prove that you seriously care about your blog and you don’t want it to expire soon.

if you have a domain with less than 6 month of age, i strongly recommend you to extend it now.

Remove Bad links.

in order to run your blog smoothly, you have to keep a strong eye over your links. make sure your llog doesn’t lead to a harmful site.

on the other hand, quickly solve the error 404 page not found.


increasing the domain authority can be time taking because it relies on almost 40 factors. but by following my tips to increase domain authority, you can at least observe a little change.


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