Things to consider before choosing a web hosting


what are the things that should be clear before you buy web hosting from any company. newbi bloggers always make mistake while choosing a web hosting on the first time because they consider only pricing and nothing elce.

actually they are not wrong because without knowing the specifications we cannot decide what to purchase.

in inicial days of blogging, everyone thinks that there is nothing matters except my blog design, therefore they choos a web host who provide high storage space at low price.
but today i am going to make you aware about the full features of web hosting. every blogger should consider these things before choosing a web hosting if you want to run a blog without any headache.

Customer Care

before choosing a web hosting, enquire about their customer care level, you can’t run a website without the cooperation of your web hosting company because at anytime if your blog shows a server error then you should have option to reach your company as soon as possible.
remember, you can manage website but not server.

if your company provides email support, then it’s good, however some companies provide following ways to communicate.

  • ticket opening
    they provide an interface to their customer where they can post their issues and administrators reply them on their website.
  • Live chat
    some companies provide live chat facility to their customer and it’s a good way to reach quickly
  • email support
    some companies provide an email to their customer, when you feel any trouble you can drop them email so they will reply you with solution
  • phone support
    its a quick way to reach your company because you talk to a reall person and tell them your issue without any further delay
  • facebook chat
    some companies provide direct solutions on their facebook page, you just have to message them your query and they will try to help you in facebook message.

before choosing a web hosting company, check what method your company provides.


make sure that your hosting provider give you access to a cPanel, it’s important to have access of cPanel because you can’t manage database, ftp, and other cool features without having access to cPanel.
if you’re buying website for the very first time, you may don’t know the usage and advantages of cPanel but believe me, it’s highly recommended that don’t buy hosting without cPanel.
before choosing a web hosting, confirm about cPanel availability.honestly speaking when i bought hosting for the very first time, my hosting provider didn’t gave me cPanel access and he charged high amount for only 2 GB storage space.
make sure your hosting provider is not going to do the same with you otherwise you’ll be cheated badly.

if it happens, there is nothing left because you can’t manage your site anymore.
if you are going to make a static website without a database, wordpress and other tools then choosing a web hosting without cPanel is not harmful for you. but i don’t know why you would prefer a company who provide only a domain and 1 ftp account.

Email accounts

before choosing a web hosting company, make sure that they provide unlimited email accounts if you have many members in your teme or you are going to purchase hosting for a company or organization.

if you are going to purchase hosting for a company or organization, they will undoubtedly need unlimited email accounts, don’t disappoint them by choosing a wrong hosting, afterall, we cannot remain limited to only 5 email accounts because we need to provide email addresses on different levels.
for example we need an admin account, editor account, info account, customer care and etc.


enquire about the database limits, some companies provides only 5 databases and it’s not a good signel for a professional blogger, if you are going to make a new blog then 5 databases are enough for you.
if you have an old blog or you manage your blog at multiple levels, it’s not recommended to choos a web host with limited database accounts.

FTP accounts

some companies provides limited FTP accounts along with their basic plans, these are enough if you are going to design a blog because in blogging usually we don’t need alot of FTP accounts, however if you are going to host attachments in your website, you would surely need many FTP accounts in order to provide different types of access to multiple workers.

unless your concern is not to upload many files in server, 5 ftp accounts are enough

File usage

the most hidden, silly and worst part of cheap hosting providers.
before choosing a web hosting, please discuss about the File Usage Limits, some companies will provide you unlimited webspace for storing webpages and images, but don’t menssion that you can host a limited numbers of files.

when you login with cPanel then you get to know that currently you have 10,000 files and 90,000 left.
who can make 100,000 web pages of 1 TB space? huh, but if you purchased hosting already from that company, there is nothing to do except changing your hosting provider

we accept that in shared hosting we cannot upload videos or huge attachments but we should have freedom to upload images and webpages without the fear of getting our account blocked.
remember, in shared hosting you cannot upload huge files but noone prevents from uploading images, if you have purchased unlimited storage space and you pay alot of money, then never compromise on file usage limits.

Monthly Bandwidth

if you have alot of visitors on your old blog then you should choos a company who provides unlimited bandwidth.
with unlimited bandwidth your blog won’t exceed the data transfer limit.

if your blog exceed bandwidth, then your visitors can’t visit your blog anymore till next month.

it’s highly recommended that before choosing a web hosting company, discuss all the things menssioned above.
have you any other suggestion, feedback or comment on choosing a web hosting? please comment below.


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