things to avoid in order to become a successful blogger


if you are starting a blog for the first time, these are some common mistakes that you should avoid in order to become a successful blogger.

after reading a lot of stories of successful bloggers, many children decide to start a blog for earning online but they never bother to learn the basics of blogging therefore they face failior at the initial stage of blogging.

starting a blog is not a bad idea as this can provide you a pleasure as well as a lot of money, but you cannot attempt any exam without the studying about the subject.

before we get in to technicalities, here i would suggest you to improve the user experience for your blog by making a clear navigation.

choos a unique design and color, use a logo and use a caching plugin for improving the page loading time.

after making sure that your blog design is not boring, read below to become a successful blogger!

things to avoid in order to become a successful blogger

i’m going to share the everything I learnt from the 3 years of my blogging journey, and I hope these things will deffinatly help you to avoid the common mistakes that newbi blogger usually does on their blogs

by following the guidelines as written below, your chances can be increase to become a successful blogger..

don’t use a free domain.

using a free domain for your blog is really a bad idea because you won’t have ctrl even on your online presence.

if you are using a free service, they will put some adds on the homepage of your site, on the other hand, they will terminate your domain anytime and you will lose all of your hardwork in seconds.

usually people don’t bother to read anything unless you don’t have a high level domain.
and if your plan is to become a professional blogger, there is no chance for you without using a payed domain for blog.

if you are starting a blog for experiment, i would suggest you to use and when you are getting positive response from your visitors, switch over a payed service.

blogspot is another choice if you want to test your writing skills, here is my compareson bitween wordpress and blogspot where you can learn more about the services offered by blogspot

Avoid posting copywrite material.

whenever we talk about blog writing, everyone suggests us to write high quality articles.

well, what is actually blog quality?
in order to maintain the blog quality, you should not copy even a single line from another blog. search engins are smart enough to detect the content uniqueness.

their crawlers read your whole blog and only provide you importance if they think that your contents are unique and could be beneficial for their users.

if one of your blog post would be found with copywrite material, your post will lose ranking, but if you will keep posting copywrite material, soon your whole blog would be hit by panda and your blog will be blocked by search engins.

be careful with images! yes, don’t use any image with your blog post without the permission of the owner.

don’t download images from the internet for your blog posts, because every image on the internet is a property of someone. before downloading any image, check the permission if they allow you to use it with your own blog or website.

i would suggest you to create your own images, but if you don’t have time, there are many websites who provides you free images for your own site.

Don’t put many adds.

in order to win the visitors trust, you have to provide them strate and clean contents so they can enjoy reading on your blog.

putting a lot of adds on your blog can reduce the user experience. make sure the main content of your blog is always higher than advertisements.

people open your website for getting their desire information, they don’t want to purchase anything from you.

if they wanted to purchase anything, there are many online stores for providing them their required product, they selected to read your blog because they need only information and nothing elce.

putting one or 2 adds per page is not bad practice because everyone understand that they are not giving anything to you for this information so they have to face some unwanted adds.

Irregular posting.

if you want to become a successful blogger, you have to work hard because there is nothing that you can achieve without improving your presence.

i would suggest you to make a schedule for writing on your blog, no matter if you cannot post more than one post per week, but if you decided to post weekly, then don’t be careless about it.

there are some big bloggers who post weekly on there blogs, but they have already achieved their success, for new bloggers it’s recommended to post as much as you can.

keep in mind that the more you write, the more people come and read your blog.

Don’t ignore social presence.

in order to introduce your new blog to the world, social media is a majour part that can play an important roll for your success.

in-courage your visitors to join you on social media, ask them for new ideas and what they want from you.

while communicating with your followers on social media, make them asure that you care for them by showing friendly attitude.

after writing a new post on your blog, quickly share a link to that post on your social accounts because people will not open your site more than their social networks.

Final thoughts

although it’s not easy to become a successful blogger, but these are some steps which i learnt in my 3 years of blogging journey.

i shared my own experience because i believe that knowledge always increases by sharing.

if you have folloed all the steps written above, and still you are not getting any positive signal, then i would suggest you to remain calm and don’t be depressed.

in order to become a successful blogger, you have to work hard and wait for your turn. if you want an easy button then don’t become a blogger.

have you anything to include in this article? please let me know in comments below.


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