How To Submit Website To Dmoz


you have set up your website, made it SEO friendly, have written some posts, but still you are not getting results according to your expectations? i would recommend you to submit website to dmoz.

once your site will be listed at dmoz directory, you will earn a huge trust from the search engins.

note: if you want to submit your site to search engins, you can follow the steps written in my different articles such as submit your site to google and submit your site to bing

the concept of submiting a site to web directories is not unique, there are many directories over the internet which allows you to submit your website, but i would suggest you to stay away from those directories because search engins does not follow them.

there are some limited directories which are trustworthy in the eyes of search engins, and fortunately dmoz is a top directory who has earned the trust from search engins.
dmoz will help you to increase your domain authority as well if your site will get listed in appropriate category

How to submit website to dmoz?

suggesting a site to dmoz is easy, but getting acceptance is hard.
it’s not because of procedure, it’s because of the selection of inappropriate category for your website.

i’m writing this post because i want to aware you about the right method to suggest a site to dmoz.

remember! if you are wrongly submiting website to dmoz, they will never add you in dmoz directory, therefore i would recommend you to stay calm and proceed wisely.

Steps to submit website to dmoz

if you quickly want to add your site to dmoz directory, follow this beginner’s guide which will increase your chance of acceptance.

check if site is already listed in dmoz.

first of all, open Dmoz directory and type the URL for your site in search box.
upon clicking search button, dmoz will show you if your site is already listed in their directory.

if a category is appearing above your site, there is nothing to do more and it’s mean you already listed on dmoz.

if your site would not be listed, dmoz will show you links to search your site on search engins.

Pick an appropriate category.

this is the reason of your rejection, sometimes you don’t care about the content of your site, your aim is to get listed in dmoz and nothing elce
if you won’t pick an appropriate category, you would decrease your image with your own hands.

if it’s difficult to pick an appropriate category, i would recommend you to take a deep breath and ask for the assistance from your sharp friends.

keep selecting untill you don’t reach the category which is extremely closed to your blog niche.

Suggest a site.

well, you have done a difficult task, after the selection of category and subcategories. it’s time to add your site to dmoz directory.

in order to fill site submition form, click “suggest a site for this category”.

here you have to provide following information:

  • Site’s URL
  • Link type
  • Site title
  • Site description
  • Email address

Things to avoid

  • Don’t submit a subdirectory of your site
  • Don’t select any link type except regular
  • Don’t write your title different than exact as written on your homepage
  • Don’t write more than 30 words in your site description
  • Don’t write your site title in description
  • Don’t use keywords in site description
  • Don’t use HTML tags in description
  • Don’t avoid spellings and grammer mistakes while writing description
  • Don’t use Caps letter unless you really need to

after providing the correct information in all the boxes, solve the captcha verification and click submit.

your site will be reviewed by an editor and he will approve if your provided information would be appropriate.


DMoz is an authoritative directory which can provide you an huge benefit if your site will get listed in appropriate category.

submiting a site to a wrong category will never provide you any benefit because people won’t be interested in your topic.

what principals you follow to submit website to dmoz? let me know in comments.


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