How To Start A Money Making Blog


today, i’m going to write about some bitter factors if you are going to start a money making blog.

as everyone knows that it doesn’t much cost to start a blog with wordpress, but there are many things to consider if your main concern is to make money from your blog.

before you start a blog, please read my guide to know what you need for a money making blog, otherwise you will end-up with alot of frustration and disappointments and there are no chances for your blog to earn anything from anywhere.

that time has gone when people were earning alot from even their worst blogs. this time is to rise on the search engins along with wonderful blogging style and thouzands of new ideas.

5 Tips to start a money making blog

these are my 5 recommendations that you can follow to start a blog that makes money.

Blog Topic.

before even you purchase a domain and web hosting, you should know about the topic of your blog.

without a unique vision, you cannot make people agree to pay you any intention just because of you have a blog.

do a strong research on your blog niche and choose only that niche which has a better scope in future.

without knowing the importance of niche blogging, it’s nearly impossible to improve domain authority for your blog, and if you don’t have an authoritative blog, it’s almost impossible for you to rank on the first page of search engins.

being not able to make your appearance good on google, you know it’s impossible to get visitors, and earning is totally relies on your visitors.

Quality Contents.

well you have decided about your blog, now it’s time to publish something on your blog, isn’t it? now you may have already know that there are many competitor blogs who are doing the same you are going to do.

so how will you make people agree to visit your own blog instead of your competitors?

your competitor’s blog would be already getting visitors from search engins because he is elder than you in blogging.

there is only one thing which can allow you to get their visitors on your own blog and that is your content quality.

if you can describe something better than your competitors, it’s time for you to show some hardwork, and make them down.

here are my tips to write quality content for your blog.

Social Connections.

in order to win the trust of your visitors, you need to develop a connection with them. there is only way to develop a connection is that you can use social networks.

always post interesting updates on your social profiles and ask your followers to share their views on your thoughts.

this practice will make them able to remember you all the time and they might be like to know more about you.

and once they will searching for your information and background, you will obviously have won their trust.

Earning Methods.

now you need to decide how you are going to make money from your blog, there are many ways to make money from blogging and some of them as follows:

  • Advertisements
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling your own product
  • Offer services

whatever you prefer, you need to implement it now practically on your blog so your blog could provide you expected results.

it’s difficult to earn from your blog with advertisements unless you have not a huge number of unique visitors.

affiliate marketing is a good method if you really want to live your life through blogging, but it can take more time to build your trust.

Content Types.

now it’s time to decide about your content types, how you are going to post on your blog?

though your intention is to earn money from your blog, but would you like to post boring contents?

if you will simply write the name of a product and ask your visitors to buy it, will they buy it just because you are suggesting?

no, they will never bother to buy anything unless you won’t tell them about the benefits of their product.

it’s recommended to write a detailed article on each product where you should explain all the advantages, price, reason of buying and so on.

noone want to trust on a greedy person, therefore never try to tell people that your main purpose is earning from your blog and nothing elce.

always try to write in a helping style, and they will surely like to provide products from your affiliate links.

if you have implemented everything as menssioned above then you should wait for the right time.

it can take time to make your first earning, and if you want to know about the estimate time, here is a guide that explain How Long Will It Take Before I Start Making Money With a Blog

now it’s your tern, what method you would suggest to start a money making blog? write your views in comments below.


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