What Are Sitelinks In Google Search


Being a student of SEO, you must have heard about the sitelinks already, but did you ever wondered that what are actually sitelinks in google search?

you may or may not have seen some links appearing under the meta description while doing a google search for any website.

but the question is that why sitelinks appears in google search? does they effect the overall SEO of your blog?

in this post, we will discuss about the importance of sitelinks as well as why sitelinks are appears on your competitor’s blog.

why Sitelinks are appear in google?

sitelinks are some popular or useful links of a website that google choose to put them just below the meta description of the homepage of your blog.

if your contents are well optimized with on page seo, you will notice that google will show some of the important pages for your blog.

the algorithms of google try to understand the structure of your whole blog, if they will like the information and structure of your blog pages, they decide to put some important links just below your meta description.

Why Google Sitelinks are important for SEO?

Appearing sitelinks in google search is a positive seo sign which shows your grip on the subject of your blog.

since there is no direct method to add sitelinks in google search, therefore a site whith good sitelinks is considered an authoritative source.

when google thinks that one of your page contains much informative content, they decide to make it available below the mane page of your site.

there are some best practices that you can follow to get sitelinks in google for your own blog today.

have you any other thought that why sitelinks in google search are important for site SEO? please write your own thoughts in comments.


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