How to Set Up SEO Friendly Permalinks With WordPress


no matter which CMS you use, your Permalink structure always need to be updated for getting the maximum SEO benefit. this post is going to describe which are the seo friendly permalinks and how to make them in wordpress.

as we all know that default installation of wordpress is not sutable almost for every type of website and you have to make it according to your needs. so I must say that before getting into the more technicalities, consider to make seo friendly permalinks for your blog.

which permalink structures are available?

with wordpress, there are 5 permalink structures are available including:

  • Plane
  • Day and name
  • Month and name
  • Numeric
  • Post name

by default, the plane permalink structure is set for your wordpress website which is not seo friendly at all, you need to change it immidiatlly.

which are seo friendly permalinks for blog?

in order to get the maximum results from search engins, you need to set up a permalink structure which should be readable and easy to remember for humans.

according to on page seo techniques, the most effective permalink structure is post or page name because it’s easy to remember and if you will set the post name as your permalink structure, people will like it when they see under the post title in search engins.

it will convince the visitor to open your post because people make the idea about your content from your blog title, meta description and URL.

How to change permalink structure with wordpress?

in order to change your permalink structure with wordpress, you don’t need any 3rd party plugin.
follow the steps below to change the URL structure for your wordpress site.

  1. Login to wordpress dashboard
  2. click on permalinks under the settings tab
  3. check the radio button for “Post name” as your new URL structure
  4. click save button

if you want to add your catagories in your post’s URL. you can configure the settings for categories and tags which is just showing under the permalink radio buttons.


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