How To Set Up Akismet On WordPress Site


setting up akismet is not a big deal for a developer who has prior experience of wordpress, but some newbies find it difficult so i’m going to provide a step by step guide for How To Set Up Akismet On WordPress.

Akismet is a top choice if you want to prevent spam comments on a wordpress blog, therefore you should not forget to configure akismet at the initial stage of your blogging journey.

how to set up akismet?

in order to setup your akismet completely, you just need to read this step by step guide which will make you able to prevent spam comments in less than 10 minutes.

first of all, open your wordpress dashboard and install Akismet in your site.

secondly, you will need to get an akismet key for your site.

after activating the plugin, open the akismet configuration page which will be showing under the settings tab, then click on get akismet key.

it will redirect you to akismet’s official site

here you have to login with a wordpress account.
click sign in with wordpress or click sign up if you don’t have a account.

after connecting your wordpress account to the akismet, you will come back to the plan selection page.

here you will be ask to select your plan, I would recommend you to choose basic because it won’t cost you anything.

after the selection of your akismet plan, open your akismet profile to get akismet API key for your site.

here you will see your akismet API key and you need to copy it on your clipboard.

after coming back to the akismet configuration page, you will be asked to paste that key in required field.

then click connect to API key.

that’s all, you have successfully connected an akismet account to your wordpress site.

now you will be redirected to the akismet’s setting page, here you have to choose the action for spam comments.

I would recommend you to choose manual approval if you don’t receive a lot of comments because sometimes akismet marks useful comments as spam.

have you any confusion in setting up your akismet plugin? please ask me in comments and i’ll be happy to help you.


  1. Hi nice article,

    The article is really helpful for newbie bloggers like me. I was not knowing how to configure Akismet. This article has given me a step by step guideline to set up Akismet.


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