16 Reasons Your SEO Rankings Dropped and How to Fix Them

Why SEO rankings dropped for your blog and solutions to fix them.

SEO Rankings Dropped

Have you notice that your website is disappeared from the page one of google and now ranking nowhere? you lossed your visitors and it’s going hard to find your contents on search engines.
Well, it happens when your seo rankings dropped and honestly speaking, it’s time to worry for your blog because you won’t like your blog to die forever.

If you are suffering from such kind of issues, then this post will help you to find your SEO mistakes and also guide you towards solutions to remove these small seo mistakes from your blog.

If you will not fix these SEO mistakes timely, then these small factors can return you a biggest penalty from search engines and you will lose your hardwork for a long time.

Everyone start a blog for making a maximum income so noone will ever want to kill their blog with their own hands, but sometimes people commit seo mistakes unintentionally which becomes a cause of severe problems that prevent your blog from appearing on search engines.

Who knows that how many newbi bloggers are following these wrong approaches to improve blog SEO? but my aim is to provide them a comprehensive article so they can save their seo rankings.

Keep in mind that when SEO ranking dropped for a blog, it becomes difficult to recover that blog from penalties and it can take almost Three to Six months to recover seo rankings.
Therefore, it’s better to care before you lose your hardwork.

15 Reasons why seo rankings dropped for a blog

These are top 15 things that decrease seo ranking of your blog, if you want to recover seo rankings for a blog, make sure you are not going to repeat in future.

Tracking the inappropriate keywords.

One of the very first thing which decrease ranking is the use of wrong keywords with your blog posts.

Whenever you write a new post, you should find new keywords and use them on correct places such as title, headings, first paragraph and graphics.

If you will find old or wrong keywords for your article, there are no chances for your blog to rank higher on search engines.

Many people still thinks that keyword research is not necessary because they have a brane which is enough to write good articles but they are just wasting their time as well as as their money.

Without proper keywords, it’s impossible to target deserving traffic and intention from your visitors.

Recent algorithm’s update.

Sometimes, your blog lose it’s ranking because of the update of search engines algorithms.

Search engines always try to develop their algorithms for providing more satisfactory results to their users by providing only contents relevant to their interest.

as you can compare current google to a 10 years old google, can you consider them same? no, the current google works more ifficient and it’s owner are keep trying to improve it for their users.

Sometimes many blogs lose their ranking from first page to nowhere because search engines mark them as low quality blogs.

You should keep yourself connected to search engines guidelines because you need their friendship, if google algorithm get it’s new update, I would recommend you to find some time to read it from top to bottom because you can rank higher by using their guidelines in your future articles.

New website.

As you may have already know that along with many other aspects, an old website rank well than a new one because you need to build trust before you can present yourself to the world.

On the other hand, if you have move all of your blog posts to a new domain, you have to rebuilt the backlinks and domain authority for that domain because only your posts are old, a domain name cannot get quick ranking just because of High quality contents

you will surely have to give time to your new domain before it can provide you enough visitors.

Content quality.

You may have already know that content is king of any blog, a blog which has a few High quality articles can beet another blog which has a lot of low quality articles.

Make sure you are following proper on page seo techniques while writing your blog posts, otherwise internet is already fill with useless material.

Keep in mind that internet don’t need a second article on same topic unless the second has more material as compared to first one

.Before you start a blog, you should wisely choose niche because if you decide to jump in a niche which has a lot of competition, then you must have to beet your competitors by writing comprehensive blogs.

Low quality links.

In order to build a good domain authority for your website, you have to remain conscious about the backlinks.

Never avoid a chance to remove low quality backlink for your blog because if you will ignore this, soon you will penalize by google.

There are many backlink building software which allows you to get a lot of backlinks in a short period of time, but believe me, such tools can only harm your blog because now it’s time to go for getting links from related blogs, if you will try to get links from every niche, you will lose your authority.

Losing high quality links.

You should always try to build connections with professional bloggers because this practice can provide you high quality links for your own blog, and never lose a professional relation with a blogger in your niche because if you will do this, they will immediately remove all of your links from their blog posts and you will began your journey towards failior.

If someone has linked your blog post in their blog, you should not change it’s URL at any cost, if it’s compulsory, then make a redirection to avoid page not found error.

Cheap hosting.

at the initial stage of blogging, everyone prefer to use cheap hosting because it’s difficult to afford a company who offer web hosting against high pricing.

These are some things to consider before choosing a web hosting that will guide you to host your blog on reasonable server.

If you will go for a cheap host, there are chances that your server will respond slowly which can become a cause of destruction for your whole blog.

Lets suppose, someone visits your website but your server is shut down that time, will you expect that visitor that he will wait for you? no, he will surely go for another article and you will lose that visitor forever.

I would recommend you to use bluehost hosting for running your blog because it has a good history and most importantly, it’s WordPress optimized.

Here is my detailed guide which explain the cost to start a blog with wordpress on bluehost. I hope you can easily afford if your plan is to become a professional blogger.

Google penalty.

Google is tirelessly improving its algorithms to provide best user experience to their visitors.

Whenever google algorithm get it’s new update, many blogs lose their ranking for different kinds of qualities.

If your blog was ranking on the first page before the update of any Google algorithm but now losing it’s ranking, you should read the guidelines from google and start removing problems from your blog.

If your blog is penalize by Google, there is no easy button to recover it’s ranking because all of your blog articles need to be updated as soon as possible.

Usually Google does not penalize your blog unless you are really making a big mistake or trying to rank with Black Hat SEO, so it happens rare that your blog gets Google penalty.

Competitors trying hard.

Since everyone have an ultimate aim is that their blog should rank well, so your competitors always try to bring you down by implementing more SEO on their own blogs.

If they get a SEO tool which is more powerful than yours, then there are chances that you will lose your ranking because your visitors will find their blog while searching on google.

You can track your competitors by using some free seo tools and try to fix problems with your blog.

H1 tags.

Using an h1 tag for the main article is compulsory if you want to design a good blog because search engines consider this fact while crawling your blog posts.

Some well coded wordpress themes by default post your page title under h1 tag, but if your theme does not do this, you can edit it’s single.php file.

Alternately, you can use these free wordpress themes which will work good for a new blog or website.

Make sure your H1 tag contains the majour keyword of your post, otherwise there are minimum chances to rank for that specific keyoord.

Site crawl errors.

Your blog can lose it’s seo if there are crawl errors for your site.

You should remain connected to search console and keep removing all of your crawl errors.

If you notice a crawl error, I would recommend you to test your robots.txt file and fix the issues according to guidelines.

Otherwise google won’t be able to properly visit your site and your ranking will be decreased quickly.

Recent site updates.

If you recently made a change to your website and this is not done properly, then there are possibilities to lose ranking.

You should avoid majour changes in a live site such as changing themes, installing unknown plugins and adding unnecessary functionality.

If you are planning to extend the functionality of your blog, then I would recommend you to test it in a local envirement before you add in a live blog.


Recent CMS update.

If your CMS gets a beta version and you updated it in your live site, then many of your functionalities can be stopped.

It’s recommended to update your CMS once it gets a final release.


Forgetting image tags.

Using proper alt tag is compulsory if you want to take maximum seo benefits from your blog images.

Search engines only read the Alt tag of your images, if you use some keywords as the alt tags on your images, it will be easy for them to recognize and show them in searches.

Site speed

The spead of your website highly matter for the visitors and search engines as well.

If your server respond quickly, then it will be easy for search engines to visit all of your blog pages otherwise googlebots will leave your site without crawling.

On the other hand, your visitors will leave the page if they won’t be able to open your blog posts in a short period of time.

In order to maintain a good site spead, you always should go for a good hosting company.

Wrongly disavowed links.

If you recently have removed some links because you think that links are irrelevant, then it could be a reason behind the dropping your domain authority.

Before you disavow backlinks, you should check all the domains manually because a single link from a high quality website can put your domain authority down.

If you have disavowed a backlink mistakenly, you can always reallow it by deleting from disavow file from google and deleting that URL manually from bing.

Remember: once your domain authority become down, you will lose your rankings on search engines, so bake sure you are not following any wrong technique.

Have you ever experience SEO Rankings Dropped  for your blog? and what steps you perform to recover your blog rankings, please share the method in comments.


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