Which Is The Most SEO Friendly Blog Platform


Everyone wants to insure the high level of SEO with their blog, therefore we search for seo friendly blog platform on the initial stage of our blogging journey.

Since we know that running a blog without SEO Optimization is just the wastage of time because you would not get any type of response from visitors.
passion or money, these are the intentions behind the each and every blog, and everyone knows that without getting visitors from search engins it’s impossible to get satisfactory results in both situations.

this article is recommended for those who are going to start a blog and don’t have any clear idea about the seo of blogging platforms
some newbi bloggers can get the benefit by reading this article because this is going to clear the concepts about the default seo features of content management systems.

Please note: i’m not going to impose my decision over your blog regarding seo features, i’m just providing you an analysis and decision would be your own!
i believe everyone can choose a best option after knowing the correct functionality of a blogging platform or anything elce.

in this article, we will discuss about wordpress, drupal and blogspot because these are the three platforms which are being used by almost every blogger.

which features makes a platform seo friendly?

if you are a completely new comer in the world of blogging, you will even don’t have any idea that which features decide that the platform you are using is a seo friendly or not.

well, there are many things to consider for making an analysis about a platform, some basic features are menssioned below.

  • Blog titles
  • Permalink structure
  • mobile friendly
  • meta tags
  • user friendly layout
  • obility to set index and noindex on spicific pages
  • sitemap generation
  • load time

Which is the SEO friendly blog platform?

in order to decide that which is the most SEO friendly blog platform, you have to consider everything menssioned in list above.

unfortunatlly none of the platform provides you everything with the default installation, so i can easily say that none of them is SEO friendly by default.

it’s all relies on customisation level, the more you customise, the more you get ranked by search engins.

read below to learn which platform allows you to set up every seo aspect according to your need

Blog titles

blog titles are the majour part of your blog, in order to show the results to their visitors, search engins choose to display your post or page title at the very top of each search results.

your title also allows search engins to crawl your site ifficiently.

in blogspot you don’t have permission to optimize your blog titles easily, in drupal it can be done through a module.

and wordpress is not exceptional here.
some of the themes like genesis provides you obility to set up required structure for your blog, but in free themes it’s impossible to optimize your blog titles according to your own wish.

Permalink structure

permalink structure is another majour part of SEO, whenever you write a post on your blog, people find it through a link.

search engins read your permalink, and try to match with the searched query, if your URL will match with query, it’s there is a chance for your blog to appear in results.

on the other hand, clean permalink structure will make able your visitors to remember the link of their favorite post.

the default installation of any blog platform does not come with a clean permalink structure, you always have to set up a clean permalink structure for your blog.

blogspot doesn’t allows you to set up required permalink structure easily.
and drupal allows you to clean your URLs with the help of an aditional module called PathAuto

but in wordpress, you can set up required permalink structure without using a 3rd party plugin, all is you need to go to the permalink structure which will be showing under the settings and choose required structure.

Mobile friendly

when it comes to rank on the search engins, you must need to make your site mobile friendly.
google, a majour search engin has officially announced that they will penalise those websites which are not mobile friendly.

in order to make your website good looking in all platforms, you need to do alot of hardwork. you need to set different screen sizes for different devices. which is not a fun.

in blogspot, it’s almost impossible to get an optimized template for all devices.

and in drupal you can hire a developer who will charge you a lot of money because customisation of drupal is not easy and there are afew developers.

in wordpress there are many free and payed themes which looks perfect in all devices, though free themes does not provide you fully satisfaction, but there are some payed wordpress themes who can provide you the satisfactory visual look at cheap rate.

Meta tags

meta tags are the important parts of your blog or website, these tags are comes under the head section of your blog pages. which help search engins to understand your website ifficiently.

there are too many meta tags and everyone has their different views on which tags are important and which are useless.

but everyone suggest you to configure meta description because it shows under the URL of your blog posts in search engine results.

by default you cannot write a unique description for each page on your site, but in wordpress and drupal there are plugin  and modules which allows you to edit different types of meta tags.

in drupal it’s difficult to edit all the tags with one module, but in wordpress there are many plugins which allows you to edit your meta tags.

User friendly layout

layout is really matter if you want search engins to provide importance to your blog or website, if a visitor likes your page layout, search engine will love it too!

your page layout includes

  • good header
  • breadcrumbs
  • interlinking
  • sidebars

always try to make your page header heart capturing because search engine will give it very much importance.

if the beginning part of your page will look messy, search engine will ignore your blog and provide ranking to another blog.

breadcrumbs are important to help search engins to understand your page content. on the other hand, your visitors will like to know their path as well.

interlinking shows you a serious blogger who have strong knowledge in specific subject.

the selection of necessary sidebars is another fact to improve the layout of your website.

in blogspot, there are limited sidebars due to lack of template designs, but in drupal and wordpress, you can have a strong control over the each sidebar of your site.

there are some payed themes for wordpress which allows you to have even 10 to 25 type of sidebars and you can put anything where you want!

in blogspot you only have option to manually interlink each post to another post.

in drupal there are module available for interlinking your blog posts but those modules does not provide you fully satisfaction.

wordpress allows you to interlink blog posts without even a single click.

you just need to install and set up seo smart links with your wordpress site and it will work automatically.

Obility to set index and noindex on specific pages

in order to keep your blog safe from spammy look, you must should have control over your site index and noindex.

even many newbi knows about robots.txt file which is designed to prevent search engins from crawling that pages that you don’t want to show in search results.

but creating robots.txt manually would not be a wise decision for a regular blogger.

you must should have control to set noindex to your site categories and tags, if you won’t mark them as noindex. you will see that your site will behave immaturely in search engine results.

in blogspot some pages are already noindex but its difficult to add more noindex pages.

in drupal and wordpress, there are some plugins and modules who provide you complete freedom to set noindex tags on any location of your site.

Sitemap generation

sitemap is an important for every blog to get crawled by search engins quickly.

whenever you write a new post or page on your blog, your sitemap file get updated with the link of post, page or image.

this update tells search engins that there is something new added to your blog and then search engins come to your blog for getting the new added content.

in blogger, you have to work hard if you want to generate a sitemap file.

in drupal and wordpress there are plugins for this purpose.

Load time

load time is matter for your humen visitors as well as search engins.

a site with less load time gets more importance than a slow site.

in blogspot it’s almost impossible to optimize the load time for your site. but in drupal and wordpress you can control this.

some people say that drupal takes more time to load than wordpress but personally I don’t agree with this thought.

it relies on the design of your blog. if you have installed some heavy plugins, scripts or images in your blog, there are chances that your page load time will get increased.

in order to prevent the load time, you should have caching obility for your site pages.

in drupal, there is a build in feature to clear your site cahh.

but you have to use a caching plugin if you will decide to use wordpress as your blogging platform.


if you are unable to decide which is the seo friendly blog platform even after reading the whole article, here are my recommendations which you can follow.

I think now you can easily make yourself agree to my thought that by default there is no seo friendly blog platform but the really matter is that how much you can customize it according to your needs.

blogspot is only a choice for those who don’t take blogging seriously because even google don’t care about the features of blogspot. so you shouldn’t waste your time on blogspot platform.

drupal can be configured according to your needs but it requires a lot of modules. there is no single module for drupal which can provide you an ultimate solution to your blog seo.

but wordpress seo can be configured with a single plugin. all the features that are menssioned in this article can be configured with yoast seo.
here is a detailed guide to configure yoast seo plugin with your wordpress site.

if you will ask me a recommendation, i’d suggest you to use wordpress as your blogging platform and yoast seo for search engine optimization.

after reading this article. I hope you will never confused with the question again that which is the seo friendly blog platform that can provide you satisfaction regarding search engine optimization.


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