The Ultimate Guide To Secure a WordPress Blog


WordPress is a top victom of hackers and thousands of blogs are being hacked everyday.
If you have worked hard while designing and building your blog, you will never like to get it hacked and lose it’s access. therefore i’m presenting you the basic ways to secure a wordpress blog so you may protect your precious contents and hardwork.

As you know that hackers have developed some bots to hack wordpress blogs, and different hackers have different purposes behind this approach, some hackers will just add a backlink to their own domain and then leave your blog. on the other hand, some hackers will delete everything from your domain and make it blank so their chances to rank higher can be increased.

Today we will discuss some basics to secure a wordpress blog so your blog can be remain safe at least from bots attack!

Bots work according to their programming so they will attempt to run queries using their default method, if your wordpress blog will have different behavior, they won’t be able to run commands and no harm is expected.

5 Ways to protect a WordPress blog

by following these 5 steps, you will safe your blog at least from small hackers and bots.

Install a securety plugin

There are many securety plugins for different types of protection, but I would recommend you to install Sucuri

sucuri allows you to prevent your site from being hacked with different types of implementations such as malicious attempts, blacklist monitoring, Post hack securety and much more.

sucuri allows you to prevent your wordpress files from being edit by clicking a few buttons, on the other hand, it provides you a full activity log for your website.

There are many other benefits of sucuri and I think it’s an ultimate plugin to keep your securety basics in order.

Change wordpress login URL.

by default wordpress allows you to login to your dashboard by typing but it’s not a good choice, you should always use a custom wordpress administration URL.

When a bot comes to your website for running a harmful code in your wordpress, it always look for the default wordpress login URL, if your login URL will be default then it will be easy for them to continue the further procedure.

Therefore you shouldn’t allow someone to play with your wordpress blog, it’s highly recommended to change this URL to a Custom one.

Sucuri allows you to do this with just a few clicks and you don’t need to mess with complicated codes.

Change table prefix.

While installing WordPress in your domain, unfortunately people don’t change the prefix and leave a big securety hole in their site.

It’s highly recommended to change table prefix because if someone will try to run a SQL command in your database, it would become difficult for them to locate your table prefix and most commands will return with no success.

if you didn’t changed your table prefix for wordpress, you don’t need to reinstall your WordPress, you can change WP table prefix by following the steps in above menssioned article.

Change default username.

WordPress comes with a default username called “admin” which is your administration user and have all the permissions to edit, modify, delete and add files in your wordpress site.

In order to keep this user confidencial, you should change it to a custom one.

You can change this while installing wordpress but if you forgotton to change, no worries, you can always create a new administrator user and delete an old one.

Keep themes and plugins up to date.

Its not a good choice to use an old version of themes and plugins after many updates, you should always check for wordpress updates and keep all the things up to date.

If you will not update your themes and plugins, it will become a securety hole for your wordpress site and hackers will gain access to your site.

Don’t keep Unnecessary plugins in sour site which are not in use.

always keep your wordpress blog clean because in-active plugins can become a cause of securety hole as well.

What elce you would recommend to Secure a wordpress blog? let me know in comments.


  1. thank you Adil, you made my day by providing a wonderful guide for securing a wordpress website. i will surely implement these methods on my own blog.


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