How to repair Function.php file and solve 500 internal server error


today i’m going to walk you through the process of repairing functions.php file.
did you edit your function.php file with an unknown coding? are you suffering from an error of 500 internal server error while opening your website? read my article to fix this issue

What is function.php?

function.php is a main file of your website theme, it deals with the most important aspects of your website. a wrong code in function.php can become a cause of death for your blog, experts always suggests that make a backup of your function.php before making any changes to this file, if you know what are you doing, then you can edit your function.php file without taking a backup

edit function.php

i’m going to teach you multiple ways to edit function.php file

edit using dashboard

this methid is recommended if you have access to your website and your website is still alive

  1. login to wordpress admin area or dashboard
  2. scroll down to find appearances
  3. click editor below the theme options
  4. select the pfile from templates
  5. edit and remove the code which is cause of unexpected result
  6. click “update file” button

you are done, open your website and you’ll see the errors have been removed from your website if you have removed the exact codes from your “functions.php” file

edit using FTP

this method is recommended if your wordpress area is showing a white screen, you don’t have access to website or there as showing 500 internal server error while opening the website

  1. open an ftp client like FileZilla provide server name, username and password
  2. sign in to your ftp account
  3. open “wp-contents/themes/your theme/functions.php”
  4. press right click or applications
  5. click on view/edit
  6. you will see that your functions.php will open in notepad
  7. remove the exact code that is a cause of error
  8. close the file
  9. check the finish editing and remove from temp
  10. press yes button to make changes
  11. close ftp client and open your website in your browser

you will see that everything is working fine like before and there should be no errors.


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