How To Remove All Post Revisions At Once


running a blog with a lot of post revisions is not a good idea because it will increase the size of your database, it’s highly recommended to remove all post revisions once in a week.

lets spos you have total of 10 posts in your blog, and each post has 10 old revisions then your database will consider them total of 100 posts.

would you like to keep the rubbish in your database? i’m sure you won’t. therefore make a habit to remove all post revisions regularly.

what are post revisions?

after the update of wordpress 2.8, post revisions is a build-in feature of wordpress which allows you to keep save all the modifications of posts.

whenever you edit a post, wordpress make a revision which keeps your old information save in the backend.

after making the changes in your page or posts, you always have an option to replace current changes to the old version of posts.

though this feature is highly appreciated and no one can ever deny it’s comfort, but keeping too many post revisions is not a wise decision.

how to remove all post revisions?

removing post revisions is not a difficult task, all is you need to install Better delete revision plugin with your wordpress site.

upon activation, a link called “better delete revisions” will be added inside the settings area of your wordpress dashboard.

in order to remove all post revisions at once, you just need to follow the steps as written below:

  1. open wordpress dashboard
  2. scroll down and click “better delete revisions” which will be showing under the settings tab
  3. click check post revisions
    this will show you all the revisions of your posts
  4. click yes, I want to delete them” button

you are done, now all the revisions have been deleted successfully.

better delete revision can check your database for errors as well, click optimize database and this will aware you about any possible error in your database.

have you any other recommendation to remove all post revisions at once? let me know in comments.


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