5 Ways To Reduce High Bounce Rate For Your Blog


Keeping bounce rate low for your website is a majour factor if you want to keep the traffic of your blog alive.
This article will cover multiple ways to reduce bounce rate for your whole blog.

What happen with High Bounce rate blogs?

as you may have or haven’t know that bounce rate plays an important role when it comes to provide ranking to a specific blog on the internet,
But here are the exact drawbacks which you will observe with an high bounce rate blog.

  1. the ranking of your blog will start falling day by day.
  2. you will lose the traffic forever.
  3. your blog will be penalised by google
  4. you will get nothing in the return of your hardwork.

I’m damn sure you never would like to face the situations that are menssioned above. so this article will guide you to maintain at least an average bounce rate for your own blog.

you can check your current bounce rate by visiting your search console dashboard or alexa.
if your website bounce rate is on 60 to 65, then it’s an average rate, if it’s above than 80, then you need to worry about it.

5 Steps to reduce website bounce rate

here are the 5 steps which will quickly reduce the bounce rate for your blog. make sure you are going to implement them properly.

Write long contents.

one of the majour factor is that you should focus on the length and quality of your content.

if you are going to write an article, make sure you have enough information to cover the topic from top to bottom.
people don’t like articles with half or in-complete information.

can you imagine an article of 100 words which can allow you to start a blog? no, you cannot expect.
therefore i would recommend you to write comprehensively and you will observe the improvement in your website bounce rate.

Maintain your blog’s look.

did you know? you have only 4 seconds to capture your visitors, if your blog looks a durty place, people will quickly click back button.

try to design your blog with perfessional look and wordpress allows you to do this easily by using premium themes.
it’s recommended to use less widgets above the main content of your blog pages, otherwise your visitors will become confuse and leave the page without interacting.

Use Graphics.

using graphical content is a wonderful idea if you want to decrease bounce rate for your blog.
If you have used reasonable images with your blog posts, your readers will understand your thoughts easily and there are chances that they will click some of your other pages of blog to get more information regarding to their interests.

Imbed Videos.

attaching relevant videos to your blog posts is a unique idea to force your visitors to stay longer on your blog.
if your video is relevant to your visitors interest, then they will surely watch it, which means that you they will spend extra time on your site, this factor tells search engines that your content is beneficial and they will rank you higher.

provide Social buttons.

in order to allow your visitors to share your article with their friends, you must have to show them easy social sharing buttons, this practice will not only increase social shares for your blog, but will help you to improve the bounce rate for your blog because people show more interest to the contents which they receive from their friends and family.

there are maximum chances that they will spend maximum time on your site and would not leave the page immidiately.

what are your recommendations to reduce bounce rate for blogs? let me know in comments.


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