Reality of Professional Blogging


Blogging can badly destroy the minds of newbies by showing them a false brighter side of online earning.
Therefore it’s important to disclose the reality of professional blogging because no one should become a psycho after losing a lot of time in such activity which is not fully proven way to make money online.

It’s true that if you properly start a moneymaking blog then you will be getting a short amount of money equal to your hardwork.
but the topic of your blog does highly matter when it comes to blog’s success.

it’s better to find a good niche for your blog even before you register a domain because your domain represents the nature of your topic.

after choosing a domain name, you can start a blog and after some months, you can expect blog income.

Bloggers Lies About Income

There are many bloggers who try to impress their viewers and visitors by showing them a fake blog income report, but before you fall for that reports, I would recommend you to read this post and you will know the reality of professional bloggers.

It’s true that bloggers have thouzands of ways to make money online, but it’s not a cup of coffee.

It requires a lot of time and hardwork to start earning from your blog, so if your success is money, then you will have to spare at least one year on your blog to write enough contents to catch visitors.

If you have been convinced towards blogging by reading an income report of a blogger, then I would recommend you to check their blog with some free seo tools which will tell you about the blog worth. a newly created blog cannot earn thouzands of dalers in a single month. but old blogs are making such income. all is you have to analyse blogs with above seo tools and you will know what you need to make a good income from a blog.

Bloggers Relies On Popularity

There is nothing which can give you success except your popularity. if your blog is new, no one will bother to spend time on it, may be your friends and family will support you, but in that case you won’t be receiving money because blog doesn’t provide money upon clicks.
Bloggers always get money as their Commissions, advertisements and selling their services.

As a newby blogger, it would not be possible for you to sell your own products or services, but once you have enough visitors, you can implement some other ways to make money with your blog.


Though it’s not impossible to make money from your blog, but it has a lot to do before you get your first payment.

Professional blogging is a good way to live your life through online resources, but one should not quit their job upon first income. if you have only 1000 or 2000 visitors/day, it is not a green signal for you, you need more hardwork because you will earn a good amount of money once you will be getting 10,000 or 20,000 visitors/day.

According to my own observation, only 1 out of 1000 visitors decide to make a purchase of thing you are recommending, the other 999 visitors are random and read your blog just for the sake of information. so if you will have 20,000 visitors/day, you will have maximum 20 affiliate commissions to withdraw from your account.

if you are earning through advertisements, then advertisers pay very small amount upon clicks, so you cannot expect even 5 dalers/day from advertisements.

What are your views on Professional blogging? let me know via comments.


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