Things To Avoid In Order To Reach A Professional Blogger


Reaching some professional bloggers in your niche is a very important factor if you really want to be a successful blogger.
But here is a unique list of things that you should avoid to reach a professional blogger in your niche.

recently I shared some ways to build connections with professional bloggers, but I didn’t disclose the things that you should not do.

So this article will guide you to keep your first impression safe from being spoiled.

5 Recommendations to keep your impression safe

Whenever you try to reach a successful blogger, keep these things in your mind to safe your image.

Don’t tell them about faults.

as you can understand that it’s your wish to make connection with your favourite blogger, so telling their faults in first attempt will not be a wise decision.

Being a new blogger,may be your observation is wrong and you are telling a fake fault to your ideal.

So in this case, they will get irritated and they can reply you rudely and harshly, finally you will lose your further attempts to communicate to them.

Dont ask directly for a backlink on their blog.

If you will directly ask for a backlink on their blog, they will understand your mentality and they will mark you as an immature blogger.

Keep in mind that no one will directly bother to provide you a backlink because they don’t know who you are, and without knowing a person, how can you expect that someone will be ready to give you a place to live in their home? 🙂

Avoid to send annoying emails.

Don’t send annoying emails just because of making a connection to a senior blogger because it would represent you a spammer instead of a real person.

Blogging always requires you to work hard, if it would a piece of cake, then everyone would become a blogger instead of a small employment.

writing blog posts is a difficult task, but promoting your content in proper way is another challenge, so don’t expect any shortcut at least in blogging.

before you send an email to a new person, make sure you have introduce yourself properly, make sure that your message has a reasonable content and the person whom you are trying to reach will consider your email as an important message.

Don’t show non-professional attitude.

No matter if you are a blogger or an officer, professional conversations should remain professional and there should not be any personal and extra questioning.

In blogging, you make connections only on the basis of give and take. everyone expect something from you if he or she is giving you anything.

So it’s highly recommended that you should keep your conversations limited only to blogging.

In future, if someone become close to you then it’s another matter, then your blogging connection will turned into a companionship but at the beginning of conversations, you should avoid questioning about their personal life and anything elce.

Don’t ask a blogger to disclose their resources because no one will bother to tell you the ways that are giving them benefits.

Don’t be oversmart.

It’s not a good practice to tell false achievements to a big blogger because there are many free seo tools which can show the actual worth of your blog.

If you have recently started a blog then don’t tell them fake income report of your blog.

If your ideal blogger is really a big blogger in your niche, he or she will get to know about your blog worth upon first visit. and if you will try to show him your fake achievements, he will surely check the worth of your blog by using such tools.

Don’t try to tell them about old things in your niche, if he or she is a elder blogger than you, then they will surely have awareness about all the things you know.

Only try to share your blogging experience and ask them for the same, it will increase the frankness between both parties and hopefully you will get a long term friend.

What elce you would recommend to reach a professional blogger? share your thoughts below.


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