Quality and Quantity of Blog Posts, What’s Important for Success

What matters most, quality or quantity of blog posts.


Bloggers try hard to improve their readership, engaging contents, Organic search, Pageviews and subscribers, but since they cannot afford negative seo implementations so they only have to depend on quality and quantity of blog posts.

So here everyone starts quality vs quantity debate, Some people consider grate quality contents as their ultimate blog strategy but some bloggers thinks that more pages leads a blog towards more clicks and more clicks means a lot to achieve all the above mensioned things.

So what is actually important for your blog health? well written articles or number of articles.

Below I tried my best to deliver a complete picture of quantity vs quality of blog posts so you can make a clear idea that what you need to blog effectively.

Difference between quality and quantity of blog posts

any blog which delivers original content along with top to bottom overview of the focusing topic makes  quality blog content.

On the other hand, a blog which delivers A lot of blog posts including on subtopics of published posts but containing a short amount of words or incomplete information focus on quantity over quality of blog posts.

No matter in which niche you are blogging, every blog niche have a lot of thing  to discuss and each niche have enough material to share on a single topic.

Now it’s up to you which blogging strategy you adopt to make your blog successful by getting traffic from every possible channel.

Since there is not only Google which provide traffic, so you can implement your own trusted method to get traffic from a beneficial source.

Quality or quantity of blog posts

So Here we go, what are actual drawbacks, benefits, advantages and disadvantages  of quality or quantity of blog posts.

Quality over quantity

First we discuss why quality is important and how it can provide you more satisfactory results.

On the other hand, we will discuss about the drawbacks of quality over quantity too.


The following advantages are waiting for you if you prefer quality of blog posts.

Loyalty readers.

If you deliver only high quality contents and you don’t care much about the number of posts then you will surely cover your topics from top to bottom and you will add enough material for your readers to make them satisfied.

This level of perfection and efficiency will increase your readership and you will earn your fans instead of a random reader.

Whenever a reader opens a blog, he or she analyse the blog content and if they find your content effective, perfect and beneficial, they like to keep your blog in their favorite list so they can read your further blog posts as well.

More subscribers.

So what’s next to readership? whenever we visit a blog, at the end of the reading we have two options, Leave or save.

If your blog post is well written and you tried to teach your readers with maximum ways then instead of exiting, they will find your email subscription box and will like to receive all the future updates in their inbox.

Remember, a subscriber is equal to 100 random readers because he is the one who is going to read all of your blog posts with most intention.

So i would recommend you to don’t ignore the email list, you should immediately create an email subscription box if you still have no subscription option.

Efficient rankings.

Since you are caring about the quality of keywords, material and most importantly you are following the boundaries of your topic so Search Engines will not face difficulties to Categorize your website in proper place.

There are no human being who Categorize your blogs, it’s all happens by machines and robotic technology, so you have to follow their guidelines because they don’t need to follow your’s 🙂

Efficient categorization means more oppertunities to be found and ultimately more organic traffic will come to your posts.

More trust and authority.

If you prefer quality over quantity of blog posts, then there are maxim chances for you to get a great trust from your readers and you can earn a good domain authority.

We all know that MOZ and Google works on robotic technology but they have sensable bots.

They can understand which is more important post by comparing two similar posts using their crawlers.

On the other hand, a well written blog post can impress your readers which is important to build trust for your blog.

High income.

So why you are blogging? what’s your aim, if you are passionate blogger then alright you won’t care about trust, you just want to deliver your favorite stories and it’s up to your readers that what they think about your content.

If you are blogging for money then you must need to show a reason to trust your words, research and  information.

There is nothing except high quality blog posts which can provide you an opportunity to impress your visitors.

Once your visitor is convinced by your shared information then he or she will surely try your recommended products and then your affiliate links would come in action.


High quality contents seems more engaging, beneficial and profitable but there are some drawbacks of high quality contents as well.

Below i have shared a complete overview of disadvantages of high quality blog posts.

Fewer posts.

As you know that blog posts require a great amount of research, competitor analysis and some more homeworks so if you produce only high quality blog posts then you cannot write more than one post per week.

Honestly speaking it’s difficult for me to write 3 posts in a single week because i have my other life engagements too.

I have a lot to do including keyword research, competitor analysis and making an idea about the needs of topic before i start writing blog posts.

Not only me, but every blogger face the same problems while writing a wonderful blog post on their website.

More expensive.

If you are offering payed blog posts or you need a professional author for your blog then you have to pay high salary to them.

You cannot hier an author with less writing skills and on the other hand, you cannot accept blog posts from authors who don’t have a great knowledge of SEO.

At the beginning stage of your blogging, you cannot aford a professional author so you have to write alone on your blog to keep the quality in order.

Less pageviews for small blogs..

If you have a small blog and your blog does not contain enough articles to interlink with relevant pages, then you won’t be able to get many pageviews.

Since you cannot interlink your old articles without a strong reason, so you have to bear a high bounce rate at least for a few months.

Quantity over quality

Whenever we discuss the topic quantity vs quality of blog posts, we immediately get a response from everyone to write quality content and i have already shared a complete overview which contains advantages as well as disadvantages of writing high quality blog posts.

So here i will disclose some advantages and disadvantages of quantity over quality of blog posts.


More pageviews.

As you may already know that More blog posts contains a great number of pages and more pages leads towards more opportunity for increasing your pageviews.

Whenever you write a new post on your blog, you will have already many posts published to interlink with this newly created post.

This practice will lead you towards more pageviews which sometimes increases your chances to reduce bounce rate for your blog.

Easy to accept guest posts.

You can accept guest posts from intermediate bloggers who have somewhat knowledge of SEO and copywriting.

People will feel happy to submit their hardwork on yor blog if you are an inspiring personality in the eyes of your readers.

More guest posts will increase your blog worth and you will be able to manage your blog with the contribution of some other people too.

Opportunity to get more visitors from social media

If your primary traffic source are not search engines then you can easily prefer quantity of blog posts because you won’t have problems to get organic traffic on your blog.

Since social media followers are enough for you, so instead of implementing SEO optimization, you should try to make your blog posts visual and atractive so none of your follower leave your page without reading the content.

Having a lot of pages on your blog allows you to submit them frequently on your social accounts, and whenever you submit a new content to your social pages, people will surely open and read them.

Frequent updates

By adding blog posts regularly, you can keep search engines in order and they will consider your blog is a good source which gets updates on almost daily basis.

If you have something to provide to search engines on daily basis then you will easily manage a good crawling rate for your website.


So what are the disadvantages if you would prefer quantity over quality in blog posts?

Lack of trust.

You cannot earn a great trust from your readers if you have not given  solid reasons to believe on your shared information.

Blogging relies on your words, you can earn a huge amount of trust by writing your blog with efficient manner and people trust you if you are confident on what you are sharing or recommending to them.

Simply writing an article of 300 words is not enough to describe everything about the topic you are discussing.

Difficult to engage.

If you are sharing incomplete material with your visitors then you cannot expect from them that they will stay or bother to read your other blog posts.

There are many blogs for the same topic and visitor don’t need you on your early stage, they have number of options to complete their task.

Therefore it’s your responsibility to show them a reason for coming back on your very first post.

Consider your every blog post is a first post because if a visitor came in your blog post by google then he will not bother to read your other post just because you have shown a great reason for coming back to your blog.

No organic traffic.

Google and other search engines are hardly trying to remove low quality blogs from SERPs and if you got a good ranking on the first day, you cannot expect that it’s for lifetime.

Whenever someone will publish a better version of post, Google will compare your post to their’s and only show valuable post on the first result.

This is you who highly concerned about your blog, google is concerned about their standered and they cannot honoured an higher ranking to your blog even if it contains low quality content.

Believe me i have seen a 23 years old domain was getting only 30 visitors per day just because of containing low quality blog posts.

less chances for commissions.

If you have not written a great overview of your affiliate products, or if you didn’t shared a strong reason then customer would not buy your recommended products.

Everyone look for some beneficial tools and products for running their own business in an efficient manner, so they buy affiliate products only if you convinced them by answering to their questions and confusions.

Affiliate marketing only provide you benefit if you have strong convincing power, marketing skills and obilities to make a customer satisfied before he purchase.

Search engines penalties

If you tirelessly writing low quality content and instead of getting your seo rankings dropped you don’t change your blog strategy then search engines will put you in the list of manual penalties.

Google panda and Google pengwan is continuesly working to remove unnecessary websites from their SERPs so don’t become their victom if you care about organic traffic.


Its actually different to tell what blog strategy you should follow on your own website because everyone have different priorities and preferences.

But if you are a professional blogger or aiming to become in future, i would recommend you to avoid any further debate on quantity vs quality of blog posts and only try to write high quality blog posts.

At the beginning stage of your blogging, you will not receive a good amount of visitors but if you will share worthy material then Traffic have to follow your blog and visitors will start coming to your website frequently.

If you run a blog on a specific topic and your blog is only for a group of people then you can prefer quantity of blog posts because you will have an option to tell about your new blog post with your own channel.



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