7 Ways to Promote your Website offline

Tips to increase website visitors with offline techniques


You just have started a blog or website, but there is no traffic? don’t worry, every new website once suffer from such issues.
I’m trying to provide you a list of techniques to promote your website offline so your site can get more visitors and customers.

First of all, you might be thinking that why should you need to promote your website offline when there are a lot of ways to do this online.
I would strongly recommend you to promote your website offline and online as well because both has their own benefits.

Improving online help you to build a good ranking on search engines, and offline improvement gives you visitors, customers or users who exactly need the information your site contains.

I have already shared some ways to keep your rankings alive so in this post we will discuss some techniques to promote your website offline.

7 Techniques to promote a website offline

By following these techniques, you can improve the number of your visitors and customers. The best thing is that you don’t need to do anything special, you just have to share a link to your website in some places you already have.

Business card.

If you run a business website and your business has a physical address, then you must have designed business cards which contains all the addresses, phones and other contact informations.

In order to increase your online business, you just need to add your web address in your business card so people can brows your site.


newspaper is another good way to advertise about your website.

If you have an office, agency, incitution or company, then you can easily publish about it’s functionality in newspaper.

Getting your ad publish in newspaper is not difficult, you just have to write a good description, pay the fees according to the length of your ad and ask a newspaper to publish it on their paper.


Getting interviewed by a radio channel is not difficult, you can easily approach a radio host and tell them about your site.

If he or she will like the content of your website, then they will call you for an interview where you can directly share a detailed overview about your website to it’s listeners.

The worth of radio has decreased but not ended, there are still many people who regularly listen radio.


Television can provide you a large number of visitors but it’s difficult to reach a TV program.

If you have enough sources to appear in a morning show, then don’t mis a chance to share about your business website in a TV show.

TV has more viewers if we compare it to radio and newspaper, therefore it’s difficult to appear there.


There is a popular trend of designing calendars for a new year for the advertisements of companies and other businesses.

You can distribute calendars to your friends and relatives by putting a short introduction to your website and it’s URL.

This method requires you to spend extra money but you can get a great amount of visitors with this technique as well.

Shopping bags.

if you have a website for your shop or store, you can write the web URL on shopping bags which you have designed for your shop.

Small shops and stores usually use local shopping bags but branded stores always prefer to design unique shopping bags.

Gift cards.

If you are planning to givsome a gifts to your friends then it’s recommended to write your web URL on gift cards so they can browse your website for further queries.



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