Power of NoFollow Back links, Everything You Need To Know

Why nofollow links exists? everything you need to know about the hidden power of nofollow backlinks.


We frequently talk about the importance of backlinks for the success of a blog, but whenever backlinks take the lead in our discussions, we divide our conversation in dofollow and nofollow backlinks.
As everyone knows that dofollow links helps us in the growth of our domain authority, but what do you think, if only dofollow links were useful then why nofollow links even born?

There is a purpose of everything that exist around the world, so how nofollow backlinks could be exceptional!

We blogger often spend a lot of our precious time while submiting comments on other’s blogs but when find our links nofollow, we feel disappointment because nofollow links does not helps us to build a big name.

So what if nofollow backlinks does not increase domain authority, there are some other benefits of nofollow links that can provide you a satisfaction against your hardwork.

Are you confused with following questions?

  • nofollow links seo value
  • Do nofollow links help seo?

Answer is No, infact big no if nofollow link is not coming from Wikipedia.

Nofollow links does not recommend search engines to consider a link as important, but still there are some advantages

Advantages of nofollow links

Build brand.

When you or someone elce use your blog URL for menssioning it on another blog, it gets fame.

If you are commenting on someone’s blog then there are less chances for you to use your brand name but if you are allowed to do so, you can introduce your brand by just typing your blog name instead of your name in comment form.

If someone elce is imbedding

your blog for including your quotation, lines or giving you a credet then he or she will surely use your blog name with URL.

This way, their readers will know a bit about yourself and they will click your link to read more stories.

Get extra traffic.

If you are commenting on a high authority or high traffic blog then people will click your blog link if you have submited a unique and meaningful comment.

Now it’s up to you that you can make people convinced to stay on your name or not.

My guide will help you to learn the art of blog commenting so you may become able to leave atractive comments on other’s blogs.

Earn profits.

If you have a service to offer and your targeted blog is a right channel where interested people comes, then you can earn some customers by leaving a meaningful comment along with all the benefits of your services and products.

If you are confused about this thought then read below.

Imagine that you own a Web hosting company and you are reading a post about recommended web hosting companies, then you can add your own company by writing a complete list of benefits and services that your company offers.

On the other hand, If you Sale used products and you are reading a post regarding to a Used laptop then you can add an overview about your shop and submit comment.

Open the door of opportunities.

A single nofollow link can capture another blogger and if you successfully convince a person and makes them agree to read about your material then there are chances that

they will review your products and services on their own blog.

This way, i don’t know about quantity but you can get more even dofollow backlinks without having to ask someone to review your products.

Believe me i have successfully made a visitor regular on my blog just with a single comment on a big blog in my niche.


Instead of getting worried about follow and nofollow, you should use your efforts to display your links to right audience at the right time.

If there were no nofollow and all the links were dofollow then there were no penalties, there were no existance of fail bloggers we all would had millions of dollars and blogging would be gamed.

So try your best, deliver your best and expect well, Once your blog will start rising then people would feel proud to remove rel= nofollow from your blog links.


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