Why You Cannot Create a PayPal Account In Pakistan


from many years, every second person from pakistan is talking about the reason of banning paypal in pakistan.
there are many paypal dealers in pakistan who offer you to buy paypal in pakistan but noone ever promise you to get a paypal in pakistan with lifetime garentee.
so what is the exact problem? why you cannot actually create a paypal account in pakistan, instead of using wrong methods and techniques, you should think about this fact wisely.

why do you need a paypal account?

you need a paypal account if you are going to start a blog, have plan to write for online companies or any other work that need an international money transfer service to send your payments.

without a paypal account, you cannot run an online business successfully because many big companies are sending payments through paypal

on the other hand, paypal allows you to make worldwide purchases online and many more.

Does PayPal work in pakistan?

there is no legal way to use, create or verify PayPal in pakistan because the paypal company banned it for all the pakistani people.

they don’t want any pakistani to get paypal facility in pakistan and for this thought they haven’t provide any proper description.

previously you could get a paypal account in pakistan verified with payoneer card but since they became aware about this practice, they have prevented payoneer authorisation as well.

now there is no way to run a paypal for a long time because whatever method you use, they will ban your account once they find you a pakistani or your activities from pakistan.

no matter that how many relatives you have abroad who are ready to provide you a paypal account on their name.

paypal will ban even an origional account of any foreigner if they will be found in pakistan for a long time.
once you will try to open paypal account from pakistan, they will start sending you difficult challenges in order to protect their service.
believe me, you won’t be able to complete that challenges without the cooperation of the actual owner of the account.

PayPal Account creation in pakistan

so what methods or techniques you can use to open a paypal account in pakistan? simply i would like to state that each and every technique is fake and for the time being.

you cannot create a paypal for pakistan if your plan is to run an online business, but there are some paypal dealers in pakistan who provide you verified PayPal accounts.

you are recommended to prevent you and your friends from believing on those scammers because they will provide you fake paypal accounts which will be banned after some time.

recently i was reading an offer where someone was telling that we will provide you a fully verified paypal account but you won’t be able to withdraw your money.

you can sell paypal dollars in pakistan to another user and get your money through local transfer sirvices but can you trust them?

obviously you should not trust, they were asking for $30 for 60 percent verified account and $150 for fully verified account.

but all your accounts will keep banning and you will be losing your money continuessly.

there are some other fake methods as well if you really want to create a verified paypal in pakistan but afterall, you have to face disappointment.

paypal pakistan alternative. you can use payoneer as the alternative of paypal because many big companies are sending payments through payoneer card as well.

why isn’t paypal in pakistan?

there are many reasons why paypal does not offer it’s services in pakistan and some of them as followes.

Prevent Scam.

paypal believes that pakistan is high risk country where people cheat others by selling fake and low quality products.

in order to provide a service, people ask for money but they don’t fulfill their commitments.

this is a majour reason of banning paypal but i don’t agree with this thought.

i believe there are every type of people in every country including scammers, sincere and fake, so we cannot put pakistanis in a list of black listed people even if they have never cheat anyone.

Less Online Purchases.

the second thing is that paypal supports only those countries where a lot of people use their credet cards to make purchases online.

but in pakistan most of companies and shops offer cach on delivery so people don’t bother to make a purchase using their credet cards.

Unknown reasons.

there are many thoughts associated to this dispute that why paypal does not offer it’s services in pakistan.

some people says that some countries don’t want to see pakistan as a developed country, therefore they are trying to prevent pakistanies from appearing in the world of online marketing.

however we cannot say that what could be the exact reason.


there are many ways to create verified paypal accounts in pakistan but all of them are useless and going to disappoint you.

therefore you should not create a paypal in pakistan if you don’t want to face troubles.
use some alternatives and try to complete your works.


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