How to Make Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing 2018 Edition


Generating passive income is an important part of affiliate marketing because this is a thing that can makes money for you even when you are attempting for your college exams and away from your blog.
So here is how you create passive income with affiliate marketing? suppose you are busy with your wedding and you could not write a post in last couple of months, then all of your blog posts will began towards losing traffic because you haven’t promoted them too.

Losing the traffic means decreasing your affiliate sales, but this blog post is going to introduce best passive income opportunities for an affiliate marketer so you will make money while your exams or any other ocasion that requires you to remain offline for a month or more.

These passive income strategies will work even you decide to quit blogging and move your business plans somewhere elce.

How to make money passively

So without wasting your time, here i’m going to provide some best ways to earn passive income from affiliate marketing and live through your loyal visitors.

Join two tier affiliate programs.

In order to create passive income with affiliate marketing, two tier affiliate programs plays an important role in the whole regard.

Two tiers affiliate programs mean when you refer an affiliate instead of a customer to a specific affiliate program, you earn a small percentage of commission with all the future earnings from that affiliate.

Keep in mind that your refered affiliate will receive a full commission according to the programs policies but you will be honoured for just refering that affiliate to their program.

Disclose what programs are your sources.

In order to recruit new affiliates to a specific program, you need to provide a deep link to a landing page for that program to your visitors.

You can write a list of best affiliate programs if you are a blogger, On the other hand, you can tell what are the best affiliate marketing niches to your visitors.

While writing about a program, make sure that you have shared enough information, benefits and reasons to join that program.

Once your visitors consider that programs beneficial, they will surely attempt to join the same affiliate programs that you have joined.

When they sign up for that program, they will actually provide you opportunity for creating passive income for yourself.

If they will be approved for that program, you will start creating passive income from their affiliate sales.

Participate in forums.

If you have a deep knowledge about your niche, then you can write comprehensive overviews on popular forums and open the doors of best passive income opportunities.

The idea behind writing on forums that usually forums receives a great amount of traffic and you can sell your affiliate products more than your blog.

Don’t forget to include your affiliate links while writing on forums.

If your review is good and many people would be looking for a discription for a product, then you can expect forums are the best ways to earn passive income.

Final words

Building passive income from affiliate marketing is a smart way which cannot be implemented by a unexperienced blogger, but once you learn enough about your domain, you must be able to make blog passive income and make money while sleeping.

I cannot say that these passive income strategies works for any niche or not, but if you are on the niche “making money online”, You will surely see many ways to earn passive income like blogging doctor.

Have you any confusion about this article? please ask me in comments below.


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