How to Optimize Website’s Homepage for SEO

All the necessary SEO implementations to make a homepage search engine friendly.


Being the most superior page of your whole website, homepage needs to be well Optimized for getting maximum traffic from search engines.
Today i will be sharing some Homepage SEO best practices so you can asure it’s Search Engine francness by implementing all the necessary optimizations.

Keep in mind that these Homepage SEO tips are only effective if you are planning to use a custom homepage for your blog instead of using a default blog posts style.

Some people thinks that providing all the required or optional information to yoast SEO for homepage are enough but reality is different.

You may need to invest some more time on your homepage to make it fully SEO friendly so none of your visitor goes away.

Homepage SEO best practices

As you may have already notice that upon adding a custom homepage for your site, Yoast seo hides all it’s SEO options for homepage and recommend you to go to the page and set-up it’s SEO content just like other pages of your website.

So What should you do to make your homepage optimize for SEO?

Site tagline.

WordPress allows you to make a site tagline that appears with your title tag by default.

Some people use it to write a best sentense which describe about their website in short words.

So What do you think, writing a good sentense is ok or not? According to my experience it’s not.

You should research highly effective keywords and put 3 or maximum 4 keywords in site tagline.

Don’t go crazy, i know some websites contains 15 keywords in their site tagline just for the sake of SEO benefits but their website looks boring and noone bothers to read further content.

Search engines are smart enough, they don’t rank any website blindly just because they put popular keywords in tagline.

Search engines checks all of your page content and analyse your page according to the rules of their crawlers, after that if they find a page useful then put it on the top in SERPs.

Otherwise they put a strong penalty on your website so instead of any SEO advantage, you lose all of your ranking and the game reach towards it’s end. 🙂

Negative seo implementations have lossed their importance, so you always have to follow proper on page seo techniques if you don’t want to get your seo rankings dropped

Website title.

Now it’s time to optimize your homepage title for seo so it can appear well.

Write your website name in the title and then write site tagline followed by a |,- or any character you prefer.

If you are designing the homepage for your company website then you can write site tagline before your website name so your visitors can look on services quickly.

If it’s blog then you can write your blog title before and then site tagline followed by a seperator sign.

Meta description.

Meta description is an important part even for your small pages because this is what something appear below the title on SERPs.

Don’t forget to write a great meta description that best describe about your whole website.

Don’t forget to include at least a single keyword in meta description because without having keywords in your meta description, it’s slightly difficult to rank for a particular keyword.

Don’t miss a chance if your meta description allows you to put all the mane keywords that you have written in your site tagline.

Remember: don’t compromise on the readability of description because it’s important than keywords.

Page content.

Now it’s time to write the page text that will appear on the frontend of your homepage.

Try to use your keywords once while writing the mane content of your homepage and again don’t break the readability.

Remain natural because ultimately your readers are human being, not search engines.

There are many ways to satisfy search engines but human beings are more important for the success of your business.


While following the homepage seo best practices, you should add some extra widgets to your homepage with the name of services you offer, try to title them with your keywords, write a short overview of service, product, or anything elce, then finally provide a link to the landing page that contain full information about that particular thing.

This practice will be beneficial in both aspects, Search engines would read your keywords and human visitors would reach their required destination quickly.

Don’t add too many widgets because it will increase loading time which can hurt your page speed.


Without showing appropriate images, no business can move towards success.

People need a graphical overview of everything because it makes them satisfied more than text overview.

So Don’t forget to use your keywords as the ALT text with your images.

Without following the proper seo techniques for blog images, you can satisfy your visitors but search engines won’t be able to consider your images.


Homepage optimization is important if you want to promote your business in right way.

By following these homepage seo tips on your own website, you can make it search engine friendly so all the traffic can reach your blog organically.



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