On Page SEO Techniques to Rank On the First Page


in order to rank on the first page of Search engins, you must have to optimize your posts and pages with On Page SEO techniques.

this article contains some useful guidelines for the improvements of website or blog SEO.

After following the list of on page seo techniques, your chances can be increased to rank on the first page of search engins.

What Is On Page SEO

there are two types of Site Seo, On Page SEO and Off page SEO.
in this article, we will discuss the second one in detail.

On Page SEO is a method which allows us to write our articles according to the requirements of Search engins.

you may have already know that search engins relies on there crawlers when it comes to give ranking to a spicific site.

crawlers read our website and try to recognize the structure of the site according to the installed programming.

they are not bound to give special importance to our site and only give importance to those sites who have written their articles according to the guidelines provided from search engins.

if you have given importance to SEO in your blog, your blog will be loved by search engins and they will show it on the first page when someone will search for a content regarding to your blog niche.

On Page SEO Techniques to rank higher

once your blog gets the ranking, you will notice that your trafic has been increased than before.

there are many techniques you can follow on your own blog posts to get better ranking..

below i have compiled a detailed list of on page SEO techniques that can help you in this regard:

  1. Page Title
  2. meta tags
  3. Keyword Research and usage
  4. Body  tags
  5. Interlinking
  6. URL Structure
  7. Image Optimization

Page Title

Title of posts and pages is a majour part of your blog, make sure you use titles carefully.

according to search engins, your title should not contain more than 56 characters.

if you want to write a post about wordpress installation, make sure you have given a correct title like “How to install wordpress” instead of “installation of wordpress provided by soft beginners”

when someone search anything on search engins, it’s Title which represent your content to the visitors.

here is a detailed guide to write seo friendly page titles

Meta tags

meta tags are the another important factor for your Site SEO.

make sure you write a relevant discription, Focus keyword and and tag for your post.

search engins show the content description under the title tag, make sure your description is not greater than 156 characters.

while using a Content management system, it’s easy to manage the meta tags for the pages and posts of your blog by using a plugin like Yoast SEO.

it has obility to put the description, focus keyword and tags in the Head section of the web page so you don’t need to throw yourself in troubles.

Keyword research and usage

before you start writing on a spicific topic, try to find a popular keyword,.

keyword can be a Phrase that setts limits on the content topic.

ask yourself that which keyword is your target? in which search query you want your site to be found on search engins.

there are many keyword planner toole over the internet which can provide you free keywords for your blog.

here is a detailed guide to learn what are keywords in seo after finding a right keyword for your article, try to use it in your article once in 100 words, if you have 300 words in your post, try to use the keyword 4 times.

Here is the detailed guide to learn how much keyword density is good for your article.
and finally, stay away from keyword stuffing otherwise you’ll be penalised by search engines.

Body Tags

while writing a post on your website, don’t forget to divide your contents in sections.

Use headings, paragraphs and lists  tags to capture the visitor intention.

remember, your visitors won’t like to read your article if you have not categorised it well, try to use heading tags for headlines and lists for important steps.

try not to use H1 tag frequently because it should be the mane tag used for the page title.
you can read another article which explains How To Properly Use Headings For Blog Posts


interlinking can give you satisfactory results when it comes to improve trafic of your blog, search engins provide importance to websites who interlink their posts.

on the other hand, your visitor swill click the linked articles if they will find relevant to their query. you can read more in my article How To Interlink Your Blog Posts To Improve SEO

URL Structure

URL structure is a importent part of your whole blog, always try to make clean an  easy to understand structures of your blog links.

unfortunatlly the default URL structure of WordPress and Drupal is not search engin friendly.

you should set the URL structure to post name instead of using example.com/article/123.

search engins show the page slug under the title of your post, if you will use the post or page name instead of using default structure, people will get an idea of your whole content.

Image Optimization

always try to imbed relevant images while writing an Article, experts say “an image speaks thouzands of words”.

while using images on your blog, don’t forget to use image captions.

image captions can help to get an idea of image if your visitor is a blind or visually impaired, on the other hand, search engin crawlers would be able to read and categorise your images more ifficiently.

Final thoughts

Although this is not a complete list of on page SEO techniques, but after following all the guidelines menssioned above, you can increase your blog ranking more than before.

have you any further on page SEO techniques which you want to include in this guide? please type your own suggestions in comments.



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