5 Off Page SEO Techniques to rank better


in order to rank better on search engins, you have to follow both on page and off page seo techniques with your blog.

we have already discussed about the on page seo techniques in details, so today we are going to focus off page seo.

if done properly, off page seo can provide you a lot of benefit and additional traffic as well.

What is off page seo?

off page seo is a method to promote your blog outside from your blog, you can promote your blog in different social networks, forums and even you can distribute keychanes with the name of your blog. 🙂 may be you will make disagreement to this thought but it can really work for you, try to distribute something with your blog logo and you will be surprised.

Off Page SEO Techniques to rank better

these are some off page seo techniques which will help you to make your blog ranking better than before.

Use social media.

after writing a post on your blog, you should quickly submit it to your social networks like facebook, twitter and google.

people will like to read a short overview to your blog posts on their social profile and they will surely click on your blog link if the post will be useful for them.

its obvious they use social networks more than your blog, so try to communicate with them, ask them for new ideas and build your trust.

Improve domain authority.

everyone knows that domain authority plays an important roll in your blog ranking, a domain with worst authority cannot rank better in search engine results.

some people believes that alexa rank is important for the better ranking, but alexa has gawn old, now a days domain authority is everything if you want to be found on the internet. these are some tips to improve domain authority for your blog.

submit your website to search engins.

in order to make search engins understand your blog in ifficient way, you should submit your blog to different search engins after you have completed the blog design

here you can read that how to submit your blog to google search console and how to submit website to bing

submit your website to DMOZ.

there are many directories over the internet which allows you to submit your site without any cost, but these directories are not beneficial actually.

there is only afew directories which can really provide you some benefit and DMOZ highly recommended.

here is a guide to submit your blog to dmoz

get high quality backlinks.

if you ever search a site on alexa, you may have already noticed that a popular website is who has a large number of backlinks. you can read why backlinks are important for your blog.

and finally you can read this guide to build backlinks for blog

what off page seo techniques you follow for your own blog? let me know in comments below.



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