Reality Of Nulled Premium WordPress Themes


everyone wants to design their blog with excellent appearance, therefore newbi blogger take the help of nulled premium wordpress themes at the initial stage of their blogging journey.
but did you ever wondered that why all the big bloggers are investing a lot of money in wordpress themes?
if wordpress premium themes can be downloaded without any cost, then why every serious blogger prefer to spent money?

if you are starting a blog for the first time, you would prefer not to spent money on this because there are many of your friends who will suggest you to use a nulled theme with your wordpress site.

What are nulled premium wordpress themes?

nulled themes are the free versions of premium wordpress themes which can be installed in any blog without any cost.

some developers upload all the premium themes in file sharing websites but there are many purposes behind sharing these themes for free.

these themes usually comes with some unwanted codes which can harm your blog or website.


Advantages of nulled themes

if you are just starting a blog for sharing your own thoughts to the world, then it’s obvious that you would prefer an excelent design for your blog.

unless your main concern is not getting deserving ranking and traffic for your blog, there is nothing wrong if you use nulled themes.

on the other hand, you can change your blog design everyday without spending even a single daler.

Disadvantages of nulled themes

since everything has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, and cracked themes are not exceptional here. along with many advantages, there are some big disadvantages of using nulled theme which cannot be ignore if you are serious about the securety of your blog.

these free versions of themes usually comes with some unwanted codes which allows the crackers to get SEO benefit for their own site.

if you are going to accept online payment from your clients, then you might be putting your loyelty visitors in a huge trouble, their personal information can be delivered to wrong hands, and your site can get hacked at anytime.

what are your views, would you prefer to use nulled premium wordpress themes with your blog? write your thoughts in comments below.


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