What Can You Expect With New Google’s Meta Description Length


Being a blogger you already know that Google were previously offering meta description up to 165 characters and you had only a few words to describe your long written page smartly.
Now Google has increased the meta description and currently you can write up to 320 character to describe your content in a better way.

Despite of this increase from Google, What should you expect Regarding your blog’s SEO? Is it really a big opportunity to drive more traffic on your blog?

This article will guide you about the everything you need to know about meta description character limit 2018 and allow you to optimize your pages for Better SEO.

Why meta description is important

Meta description is a majour part of your page which describes the content of your whole page to users without clicking the page from SERPs.

Once you write an impressive meta description which promise to provide the solution that user is looking for, your chances to get visitors are higher for sure.

If you don’t add a good meta description by hand, Google will use a random text from your page and you won’t be able to control on what user see while showing up your pages in searches.

Longer description allow more explaination

Previously you were not allowed to write 165 character due to a limit of meta description, but now has been increased and you have a better opportunity to describe your article with more clarity.

Some big Blogs were already using a long meta description but now everyone can use without having to fear about disappearance.

More text contains more keywords

Keywords are the important part of your blog post, you can only use 2 or 3 keywords naturally with a long text.

Once you use more keywords in your meta description, Google will understand it better and will show your article to highly interested visitors.

Having more keywords in your meta description will surely provide you a slightly higher number of visitors and you will notice increase in your sales if you run a product’s site.

Differintiate simular pages

With the new Google meta description, you can easily differintiate your simular pages by adding a comprehensive description including some different points.

Previously you could not write enough words to tell your visitors that what is actually different you have written in two or more simular pages.

Better CTA

Since your meta description would contain enough text from now onwards so it’s possible for you to include some very important points with a short detail to convince a user for clicking on your page.

This practice will surely improve your CTA and allow you to generate more organic traffic.

Product websites have a greatest opportunity to write their  price, short purpose and description on the meta description tag so users won’t go away without clicking your page or post.

Should you extend your Google meta descriptions?

Now it’s an important question that should you extend your old meta description to add more text for showing up in SERPs.

You should improve your old meta description for sure but not for low quality content.

First of all, try to add more text in meta description in your landing pages so they can generate more organic traffic than before.

Once you managed to maintain all the descriptions for all of your landing pages, then you can promote your low quality pages to make them more efficient.

What about mobile meta description

The mobile version of Google will show only maximum 193 characters in meta description instead of 320 characters.

So you should add only 190 characters in your meta description if you receive a great number of visitors from mobile devices.

If you will focus only on the desktop version then your mobile users won’t be able to see the full text while browsing your site from google search results.



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