Top 5 Mistakes That Makes Your Blog Spam


spam blogs are increasing day by day and google is tirelessly removing them from their search results, these are some common mistakes that makes your blog spam.

in order to appear on the search engins, stop following them if you were doing unconciously on your own blog, otherwise you are going to kill your ranking with your own hands.

people makes spam blogs usually for promoting the contents of other websites or blogs, and google don’t like this practice because web should be a real place.

5 Things that makes a blog spam

along with many other, these are 5 top things that quickly represent your blog spammy on the front of search engins.

Copyright Violence.

when you post anything to your blog that you have copied from another blog without their permission, this is called copyright violence.

while writing your blog, you should never directly copy even a single line of a paragraph from entire web because by doing this, you will try to take benefit from other’s hardwork.

search engins are smart enough, they can detect your content if it contains any copyright material.

if your blog post would be found with copyright material, google will decrease the ranking for that particular article, but if you will keep this practice up then you will lose the ranking for your whole blog.

Setting Up Categories And Tags As Index.

every newbi blogger does this mistake on the very first day of his blog.

by default all your categories and tags can be fetched by search engins, they show them in their results and newbies feel happy on this.

did you know that your categories and tags should be hidden from search engins unless they have completely modified?

if you will show your tags and categories in search results, there are chances that people will become frustrated by watching useless directories under the homepage of your blog.

on the other hand, search engins will penalise you because of showing content with no unique values.

showing categories and tags as public could put you in troubles because you will be considered as a spammer who don’t post anything but tryes to show blank links on search engins.

you can read my article on how to no index blog archives and tags

Posting In Multiple Categories.

if you attach a single post to multiple categories, it can become the cause of spam on your blog.

every post should be attached to a single category because you cannot put drupal and wordpress together, if a post contains information about wordpress, you should not attach it with drupal just because of drupal is a cms as well.

if your focus is cms, then you should post it in cms category, but wordpress is a child item of cms therefore you should not mix this with another cms.

Over Use Of Tags.

some people believe that using too many tags with a post can help them to rank on the first page of search engins.

are you that type of person? i would recommend you to stop it right now and delete all the tags that does not make sense.

tags are the children of categories. tags does not decide anything about your blog SEO
you need to follo on page seo and off page seo techniques properly if you want to improve your ranking.

over use of tags can only harm you instead of providing any type of benefit.


Over Use Of Keywords.

if someone suggested you to use your keyword many time while writing a post on your blog then it’s an old fassion.
the importance of keyword is still alive, but you need to learn how to use keywords properly.

you should not use your focus keyword simply 5 time in your post, but you should write it where necessary.

you should write your keyword in first and last paragraph of the post, but repeating it once in every 100 words is not necessary.

if you will use your focus keyword 10 times just because of showing a great density, then be ready for penalty from google and other search engins.

what are your thoughts? according to your experience, which practice makes a blog spam? add your views in comments.


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