Misconceptions About Blogging, The Only Guide You Need


There are many misconceptions about blogging and bloggers, today I decided to put a clear image of blogging so you can understand it in better way.

before you start a blog, it should be clear that which type of audience you are expecting?
and first of all you can make an idea that you can become a successful blogger or not, here is my guide which explains who should blog and who shouldn’t.

well, now it’s time to understand that what is actually blogging.

Misconceptions of blogging

there are some common misconceptions which are going to be discussed below.

Bloggers don’t need a domain.

everyone tells you to purchase a web hosting and domain name before you can start a blog but in reality this concept is technically wrong.

reality is that you don’t need a domain or web hosting in order to start a blog, all is you have to have a channel where you can convey your message to your readers.

it’s up to you how you find people.
if you are good in making connections to people, then you can blog on your facebook page.

seems funny? believe me, there are many bloggers who relies on their facebook pages instead of starting their managed blog.

Blogging don’t required academic record.

yes, your qualification/education doesn’t matter when it comes to blog, all is you have to master in your own topic and some writing skills can make you rich more than a successful doctor or engineer.

I can tell you the names of many engineers who switched their profession towards blogging because it could give them more successful life.

if shakespeare can become a star of English without getting enrol in university, then you can become a blogger without a good academic record.

listen, don’t quit your studies after reading my article otherwise your father can beet you with your own laptop. 😉

Blogging doesn’t end at writing.

one of the major misconcept about blogging is that people thinks blogging is a magazine and nothing elce, the more you write, the more you get benefit.
we can consider this fact but there are different types of bloggers.

you cannot associate blogging with writing and nothing elce.

have you ever heard about video bloggers or blogging? if yes, what are they according to you?

are they actors, surely not, so they are bloggers who blog differently.

video blogging is another type of blogging which don’t requires you to have good spellings.

all is you have to record your lecture, upload it to your youtube channel and invite your viewers.

this type of blogging need good face expressions and body language.

video blogging is getting a lot of attention and getting popular, many bloggers are trying to record their lectures because video is more beneficial than text.

what are other misconceptions about blogging? please write your thoughts below.


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